China Releases Guidelines for Industrial Internet Development

China’s cabinet has unveiled a guideline for developing “industrial internet” and integration of industry with the internet.

By 2025, industrial internet infrastructure covering all regions and sectors should be complete, according to the State Council guideline. If everything goes as planned, China will lead the world in key sectors of the industrial internet by 2035.

By the middle of the century, China should be among the top countries in terms of the overall strength of its industrial internet.

The development of industrial internet is a must for China’s manufacturing sector amid international competition, said Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology.

The guideline listed major tasks and projects, including increasing the internet speed and reducing costs, setting industrial internet standards, establishing innovation centers and improving network security to name a few.

Equal market access will be expanded, fiscal support will be strengthened and direct financing will be increased, the guideline said.

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