Honda to Launch Cars That Will Travel 240Kms with a 15 Minute Charge

Great news for electric car enthusiasts, Honda is planning to fix one of the biggest issues of electric vehicles (EV) – the long charging times and short range- in the next 5 years.

The world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines Nikkei claims that they would be able to produce EVs which can be fully charged in 15 minutes by 2022.

Honda is planning to work on the biggest issue faced by electric car drivers is range. It plans to work on making the bodies of the cars lighter while working on a new kind of EV engine which lasts for 150 miles (240km) with just 15 minutes of charge. Honda currently sources its batteries from Panasonic but it is looking for a new partner which is willing to accept the challenge of increasing the range of EV engines.

The fastest quick chargers charge an EV battery to 80 percent in 30 minutes but that is still not quick enough for drivers who are used to filling up their fuel tank at a vast network of gas stations. The biggest issue is the long charging time as compared to refilling a fuel tank which takes around 5 minutes for internal combustion engines.

Honda is focusing on EV batteries differently than the rest of automobile industry. It is focusing short travels and short charge spans i.e. how far a car will go on just 15 minutes’ charges while the rest of the industry is focusing on how many miles a vehicle can go on a giant battery which normally takes a very long time to soak up electrons.

Honda plans to let its electric car drivers know the range in plain language which will make their lives easier. Let’s see what its EV competitors like Nissan and Tesla have in store for the next five years?

Via TheDrive