Pakistani Navy Rescues Yemeni Ship Stranded at Sea for 10 Days

Pakistan Navy conducted a humanitarian operation in the Gulf of Aden by providing aid to a cargo vessel which was stranded at sea.

A spokesperson from Pakistan Navy told ProPakistani that a Yemeni cargo ship”Abadan” stopped working while sailing towards Somalia. The ship and its crew were stranded in the open sea and had been waiting for assistance since 10 days.

The crew of the board was in poor condition, being short on food, water and necessary medicine.

Pakistan Navy’s ship, PNS Tariq, discovered the vessel and provided food and water for the Yamani crew. PNS Tariq also towed the boat to the Somalian coastline.

The Navy says that during its patrol, it not only safeguards the sea lines and the routes, it is also ready to help out on humanitarian grounds. Currently PNS Tariq is on patrol at the open sea.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Would love to see the video of Paki Navy towing another ship :)

  • Pindi boyz

    Why helping Yemen? Saudis will not be happy.

    • Bilal Majeed

      Saudis are not against the whole of Yemen.Just the houthi Rebels
      Please research before commenting

  • Bitter_truth

    sharam tum ko magr nai ati

    • Majid Ali Khan

      Qabay kis mun sy jao gy :p