Dawlance Unveils 7 New Small Domestic Appliances in Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading home appliance brand – Dawlance, unveiled its new and exclusive range of 7 small domestic appliances (SDA) for its customers today, following up on its commitment to providing convenience and performance for its consumer base in Pakistan.

This new range builds upon the idea of ‘Made for the creative minds, happy faces and healthy hearts’, which speaks for itself, as these appliances aren’t just built on advanced technology standards, but also ensure consumer satisfaction by giving them comfort and peace of mind with regular usage in their everyday lives.

The new SDA range features 2 vacuum cleaner models; DWVC-6724 and DWVC-770, 1 steam iron; model: DWSI-7282, an express boil kettle; model: DWEK-7220, an easy-to-use toaster; model: DWT-7290, Sandwich maker; model: DWSM-7900, along with a powerful food processor; model: DWFP-7128.

Commenting at the occasion of launching the new SDA range, Hasan Jamil, Head of Marketing Dawlance, said,

The entire Dawlance team is excited over the launch of this new SDA range. With growing demand for these appliances built on modern technology standards, it was imperative for us to offer professionally crafted products to the homemakers to experience this whole range in its full glory and functional form. In Pakistan, there has always been a huge demand for quality and distinctive products in the built-in space, and this newly launched range of appliances is the answer to our consumers, who are guaranteed to experience exquisite features of fine craftsmanship, durability, robustness and meticulous attention to the detailing of all these appliances.

  • they should introduce robotic vacuum cleaners in pakistan instead of these old manual models. robot vacuum cleaners are available quite cheaply from ali express nowadays but of course a locally assembled version by dawlance will be even cheaper and the after sales service better.

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