YouTube Launches Its Own Version of Stories Called ‘Reels’

Snapchat’s original has been copied by many. First it was Instagram, then Messenger decided to have a go, then came in Facebook stories followed by WhatsApp and finally Skype thought it would be cool to include a story-like feature too. This time YouTube has decided to test the feature and see how good it is.

Snapchat might be regretting why they brought the feature in the first place, no? But then again ‘Stories’ is what made Snapchat a hit.

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YouTube’s “Reels” isn’t a complete clone of Snapchat’s stories. Although the basic concept is same, it is a bit different in terms of its layout and where it will be displayed.

YouTube’s stories will be displayed in a separate tab instead of on top like Instagram. Stories follow the same concept whether it is Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger; they disappear after 24 hours. YouTube reels will not disappear after 24 hours rather they will be there permanently. You will be able to add filters, text, music and etc to your reels.

Another unique thing about ‘Reels’ is that the video clips will be visible separately. In case of “generic” stories, all clips are confined within one single story of the user. This illustration will give a better idea of what we are saying.


Good thing apparently seems to be that YouTube isn’t “force-feeding” the reels. Instead if you are interested in looking at people’s stories you can open the specific tab. So it will not interfere with your videos at all. YouTube might bring them to the main page depending on the response.

One other thing is, it will be good for creators who are not in the mood of uploading a whole lengthy video. They will be able to communicate with their followers with short 30 seconds clips.

YouTube has announced the release of a beta version for some of its creators. Video sharing giants will record the response and reviews and then decide if it’s a go or not. Currently all creators with over 10,000 subscribers will be given the update. The company hasn’t told when the beta version will be out.

Via: The Verge

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