Microsoft’s Photos App Can Quickly Transfer Pictures From Mobile to PC

Microsoft is back with another application that has the capability to transfer photos and videos from Android and iOS devices to PCs in no time.

There are several file sharing or file transfer apps available in the respective app stores on both Android or iOS, so what makes Microsoft’s version different?

Earlier, Microsoft had also incorporated a similar feature in its OneDrive app, where photos are uploaded and later can be imported into Photos app in Windows 10.

The reports suggest that this new app will be helpful for users who do not back up their photos to OneDrive.

The app is in an improvement phase right now and soon it will be released along with multiple features like themes, special effects, and music that can be integrated with photos and videos.

Redmond is also experimenting with numerous types of stickers that will appear on photo stories. These features are expected to be released in next few months.

It feels like after the failure of Windows Phone, the company is focusing on other things to make Android and iOS experience better for its users.

Consequently, Microsoft is also coming up with the Timeline, that will resume activities across multiple devices and it is also launching tabs for every app in Windows 10 that would be synchronized with smartphones.

In another news, the sources revealed that people now will be able to avail Microsoft Edge’s services on their Android and iOS devices too.

Via TheVerge

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