Ufone Adopts “Facebook for Work”

Ufone has deployed “Facebook for Work” for its internal communication and collaboration with-in employees, we can confirm.

With this, Ufone is hoping that its internal communication and other organizational collaborative tasks will not only get productive but will also become more seamless, organized and centrally managed.

Ufone, through this platform, will now bridge cubicle walls, floors, hierarchies and even remote geographies enabling employees to make collaboration as easy as swiping on their mobile phones.

Chatting, brainstorming, interacting with colleagues, reaching out to the executive team and live streaming conferences and team meetings to anyone, anywhere is just the beginning.

For many, Facebook is the go-to communication platform of choice outside of work and its dominance in the online world is undeniable with one billion mobile daily active users.

Facebook’s accessibility, usability, and reliability make it a platform to be excited about for internal communications as well.

Employees will not only be able to connect better with colleagues but will boost productivity through real-time work engagements, exchanging innovative ideas, highlighting improvements all the while observing their own popularity on the go.

Generating live pulses of the organization for quick and effective responses, making project groups and building repositories for all individual initiatives has never been so easy.

Ufone said that it values employee experience by equipping the workforce with the right tools to excel at what they do while staying ahead of the trends.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • LOL ! Ufone Never Gives Free Facebook for U-Customer : RIP

    • Muhammad Abrar Ali

      Dont Urraing Mazak of the Best Voice Network in Pakistan!

      • Truth

        lolz…. this is the age of data…..& Ufone is worst Network w.r.t data services….totally pathetic.

        • Muhammad Abrar Ali

          Only Students need Data Not to the Professionals



      • Fahad J

        yeah like the best political party Noon league in Pakistan yeah yeah!

        • Muhammad Abrar Ali

          No Logic of these Comments


          • Fahad J

            acha Noon league ko vote dene ke liye logic ke nahi begairti aur besharmi ko load hai :D :D

            • Muhammad Abrar Ali

              Bhai Ilaaj krwao tere jesy Siasat ki Nazar charr jaty hain


              • Fahad J

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    • Abid Shaka

      wahab bhai itne tande joke mat mara karo..

  • Mateen

    Employee ko 20 min ki lunch break dene wali company facebook at work da gi :/

  • Waqar Ahmed

    its called *Workplace by Facebook*