All Girls Biker Club is Breaking Stereotypes in Pakistan

Normally, one doesn’t attribute women to being bike stunt artists or even motorcycle specialists. However, that is not the case with these women who are part of an all female biker club.

Marina Syed and her biker club are make up one of the few women who have travelled from Karachi to Kashmir on their bikes.

Recently, a lot of pictures and videos of the club can be seen on social media. Marina Syed, a resident of Karachi, is also known for her multiple death-defying stunts on a heavy bike.

All female biker club called “Rowdy Riders” is breaking stereotypes about women in Pakistan. Marina has started a driving school to teach women how to ride bikes. Women in Pakistan want to learn to ride bikes but there aren’t any institutes for that. Marina’s school aims to teach women how to ride a bike, and she wants to share her knowledge with her students.

In a recent interview to a local radio channel in Karachi, the club members of Rowdy Riders said “We are not a group, we are a club, all of us are equal, each of us comes from a different background, and we all have different natures.”

Marina and her club members have started this teaching project in Karachi and they are encouraging women to join this school.

Here are some of the pictures and videos of the club members:

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