Karachi Turns Chilly as Siberian Winds Arrive

Cold and dry continental winds were seen in Karachi on Tuesday. Karachiites better get ready for a chilly day today because according to the Meteorological Department official, the cold winds are going to get severe.

In response to a query, Karachi’s weather-man Shahid Abbas told that on Monday evening cold and dense Siberian winds blew into the city with a speed of around 20knots per hour (which is approx. 30km) and on Tuesday afternoon, it affected the humidity level – the amount of moisture in the atmosphere – bringing it to 5%.

He also foretold that the winds would continue to prevail in the city for the next few days. But today, the wind would blow at a speed of upto 25knots (about 40km) per hour. On Thursday, however, the Siberian winds would slow down and the weather is expected to be normal.

Kalat, a hill town in Balochistan, is experiencing cold Siberian winds with a temperature down to minus 12 degree Celsius on Monday and Tuesday nights, making it as the coldest place in the country.

The minimum temperature recorded on Tuesday in Karachi was 14 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature was 26.7 degrees Celsius.

Chances of rain in Karachi remain very high

The fast blowing dry and cold continental winds have put up a barrier for the sea breeze, restricting its entry at the port city. On Tuesday morning the humidity level was 10% and went all the way down to 6% in the evening.

Tonight, the temperature is expected go as low as 11-13 degree Celsius making it even chillier along with dry cold weather.

Temperature Recorded In Sindh

Here are the temperatures recorded in other towns in Sindh:

  • Moenjodaro 4 degree Celsius
  • Sukkur 6.5 degree Celsius
  • Padidan 7 degree Celsius
  • Jacobabad 7.5 degree Celsius
  • Dadu 8 degree Celsius

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