Muslims Show Anger on Social Media at Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Donald Trump is another name for controversy, especially when it comes to matters regarding Muslim communities around the world. The United States President’s announcement to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has shocked the Muslim community around the globe as the decision is likely to worsen the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Republican has faced some serious backlash from the world leaders, however, he is defying all the opposition, with an ‘aim’ to resolve the never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Protests have erupted across the Middle East, Africa and other Muslim countries. Several western countries, including Russia and France, have also voiced their concerns at the move.

The move has sparked anger among people from all walks of life and the social media are teeming with hateful reactions from the people.

The truth.


It will only make things worse.

It hasn’t been a smooth tenure for the Trump administration.

Jews – the occupiers.

Igonrant and dangerous.

The protests have started worldwide.

Bloodshed is inevitable.

The biggest danger for world peace.

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