A Tragedy Revisited: PK661 Victims Remembered

December 07, 2016, the day which proved to be a disastrous one in the families of those aboard the Pakistan International Airline’s flight PK 661 which was headed towards Islamabad from Chitral.

47 people lost their lives in the crash which took place near Hawelian in Abbottabad district. One of the most prominent people onboard the ill-fated domestic flight was the religious scholar Junaid Jamshed, who was also declared dead following the crash.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Report

The initial report said that no passenger survived the deadly crash which was caused by a structural failure. Damage to the left engine caused it to explode at a height of 13,375 feet at around 4:12 pm. The pilot gave a distress call, however, the plane lost communication with the radar and smashed into the hillside near Hawelian one minute after the mayday call.

The Black Box data revealed that the engines were perfectly fine at the time of the take-off from Chitral, while one of the engines was still functioning at the time of the crash and that the pilot didn’t try to land the aircraft before the crash.

The final report is yet to be published by the CAA which remains to be a mystery despite the fact that a year has passed since the horrific incident.

Social Media Saddened

Social media has expressed the sorrow on the first death-anniversary of those who lost their lives in the tragic crash.

Junaid Jamshed was loved by everyone alike.


Everyone is waiting for the report to be published.

Its hard to believe what happened last year.

A dreadful memory, indeed.

His Naats were sorely missed during Ramadan.

May Allah grant him and the other victims the highest place in Jannah.

An unforgettable picture.

Its hard to imagine what the families of the martyrs went through.

Let’s recite Fateha for the deceased.

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