Zong 4G Partners with Careem to Offer Free Rides and Exclusive Discounts

Zong 4G has announced its partnership with Careem to bring free rides and exclusive discounts for its customers, we have checked.

Under this partnership, all new customers can get a first free ride and can avail a discount of 20% on next 4 ride rides by using the discount code ‘ZONGFREE’ on Careem’s application.

All existing customers can get a 20% discount on first 4 new rides by using the discount code ‘ZONG4G’.

All Zong subscribers having number prefixes of 0310 to 0317 will be able to avail this offer.

Powered by the fastest 4G network in the country, Zong 4G continues to make great strides towards its ambition of becoming a digital life partner of all its customers. Over the last few months, Zong 4G has continued to bring exceptional value to its customers in the digital space through collaboration with local and international startups and partners.

Through this offer in particular, Zong 4G has catered to the ever-growing connectivity needs of its new-age customers and has again contributed towards the development of Pakistan’s digital ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Zong 4G’s partnerships with some of the most widely accessed platforms in Pakistan such as Facebook, WhatsApp & Daraz, reflects its core desire to seamlessly integrate all subscriber preferred applications into its state-of-the-art, high quality network, for the best & most optimal user experience.

Serving more than 70% of Pakistan’s 4G subscribers, Zong 4G continues to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, by bringing to life endless possibilities of the country’s digital potential.

These services have been supported by company’s aggressive expansion, making 100% of its network 4G enabled. Having built country’s fastest and largest 4G network, the company has expanded its seamless 4G connectivity to over 300 cities of Pakistan.

  • Telecommunications companies ko careem uber jesi ride applications k leay packages b nikalne chaheay jese Facebook, WhatsApp waghera k free package hote hen.. Ta k low cost men ham rides book kr saken

    • That’s illegal and against the concept of net neutrality. We should raise our voices against packages that give free services

      • It’s not illegal in Pakistan and sadly no one cares about net neutrality over here. Facebook free has been around for ages now. They had no problems from regulators or consumers here. PTA only cares about spectrum auctions!

  • Its not free.. its still showing fare like 200 rupees which is discounted from actual amount but not totally free…. Why is that so?? Plz note i am new subscriber

  • There is a mention of number prefixes. So those prefixes of zong which are ported to other networks, will they also get to avail the offer?

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