67% Viewers Think Many TV Programs Can’t be Watched with Family

According to a recent survey carried out by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 67% Pakistanis do not find certain Pakistani TV programs and dramas appropriate for family viewership.

The shocking response was included views of both, men and women, from across the four provinces of Pakistan. The voters expressed their views by choosing one against the five options that were given along with the survey question.

In the survey, Gallup & Gilani Pakistan asked, “Please tell me how often it has happened that you felt a certain program/ TV drama was inappropriate to watch with family?

30% TV viewers claimed that they found certain program/TV drama inappropriate to watch with the family, 37% said that have faced this issues sometimes, 24% said that they never felt that way, 6% said they did not watch TV with family, and 3% said they don’t know/didn’t want to respond.

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PEMRA Chairman, Absar Alam, was keen to point out how the authority often receives complains regarding such issues and has even issued a directive asking channels to follow certain guidelines but the producers managed to get a stay order from the Sindh High Court delaying the implementation of rules against such programs.

Gilani Research Foundation is a non-profit public service project which provides social science research to policymakers, academia, students and other concerned citizens in Pakistan and other countries.

Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani, a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the founder and chairman of Gallup Pakistan that was established in 1980 and introduced the field of opinion polling in Pakistan. Dr. Gilani has also taught at leading universities of Pakistan and abroad.

  • Ek Department Banna Chahyeh Jo Kisi Bhi Show, Programe, Drama, Etc Ko OnAir Karne Se Pehly Check Kare & Then Allow Kare
    Us Main Behaai, Ghalat Alfaz Khatam Kare & Family K Sath Dekhne Wala Bnaayeh :

  • Yes true. Now we can’t watch any drama with our family. Vulgar morning shows, advertisements, and entertainment shows are another gifts of liberalism

  • Yesterday Humtv showing indian awards and they burrying ll the females chest due to improper dress they wear ok but my ques is why are you showing the indian awards on pakistani channel that every actress you have to burrying their whole top thats look more worse that you are hiding

  • problem is that punjabi mujra movie makers are now running all the crap tv channels :) kangar khana nae hoga tu or kia hoga tv pe – they derstoryed the film industry with mola jutt bakwas and then moved towards TV after runing the film industry

      • nasha utar jae tu jawab do my comment is about quality of the content as compared to golden era of PTV before 200 awara channels

      • I belogn to the generation of 70’s who grown up watching everything with ammese quality – from PTV news to childern music shows -top quality dramas – even advertisement is still no match for todays ads- waris , tanhaiyain- angan tehra – andhara ujala – suraj ke sath sath- fifty fifty – studio dhae , aik haqiqat ik afsana- raaj rang – 5 minutes cartoons in morning- bahe tuje quality ka nae pata tu tension na mere- ufsosh tum logo nay quality dekhi nae hoe usi leay jalde uncle musharaf ke sentence copy kerte ho

  • For all those Mulla and gherat brigade mafia who are always complaining about nudity and so called “fahashi” on TV and cinemas;I ask them who is forcing you to watch them.
    If you dislike something, then you are absolutely free to avoid them and don’t get close to them next time.
    This is 21st century and you can’t stop the world from changing.
    جیو اور جینے دو.

    • bat mula ki nae hai hazoor – even i have seen alot of freinds and colleagues jinke bache forobels and headstart mai perte hai they dont allow childern to watch Pakistani channels – it has nothing to do with mula – or wasie bhe ye mula na hote tu apke abu ka janaza kon perhata – app ko namaz janaza tu ate nae hoge or muje pura yaqeen hai jis binde ko istanga kerne ke bhe taameez na ho woo mula ko gali zaror dete ahi – bhae hamare pass tv ke bakwas dekne ka koe time nae – jahan randomly ik din channel change kia tu larke kehte hai apne mian say – tu muje kia sabiq sekhhae ga mai tuje aisa sabiq sekhaon ge tu yaad kere ga mere pait mai terea bacha nae aye samjh- bahe app ko mubarik yeh bullshit – ap jasie bazari log jo cheay meerze kerain hum na phir bhe bazar husan nae ana sukriya

    • This has to be stopped. This will lead to culture of no marriages and people will live with their partners saying why need marriage as that is just a piece of paper.

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