uberAUTO Launched in Rawalpindi

Uber has just announced UberAUTO for its users in Rawalpindi. It is Uber’s affordable, safe, and reliable rickshaw-hailing service.

Earlier, it was launched in Faisalabad around two weeks ago and had already been operational in Karachi and Lahore for the past few months.

In the Uber app, while booking a ride, you’ll be able to select “UberAUTO” to call a rickshaw to your desired location.

Just like “Go” ride-type, you will be able to see the name of the uberAUTO partner along with his/her picture and the license plate number. Riders will also be able to follow the uberAUTO partner via the Uber app as they make their way to their desired destination.

The ‘Share Status’ feature can also be used with UberAUTO. It is used to notify friends and family about your whereabouts and ETA to the destination.

An uberAUTO is cheap with a base fare of Rs. 45, per kilometer charge of Rs. 5, and Rs. 1.15 per minute waiting charge.

Here are some estimates to popular routes in Pindi:

  • Sadar to Liaqat Bagh: Rs. 75
  • Pirwadhai to Choor Chowk: Rs. 95
  • Shamsabad to Rawal Road: Rs. 75

One of the main advantages of uberAUTO is its convenience during rush-hours as rickshaws are able to navigate through traffic easily making it a great alternative for daily commute in Rawalpindi’s jam-packed traffic.

To order an uberAUTO, you will need to install the Uber app in your smartphone and book a ride within the app. The company already offers its UberMini and Uber Go services in the city.

  • Sadar to Liaqat Bagh paidal jata rha hon mai tu – 15 minutes walk good for health –

    I think abdul wahab should ride the first ride on this and propakistani should capture it :)

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