WhatsApp Shares More Information on Business Accounts

WhatsApp has shared more information regarding the functionality of its upcoming “business accounts”. In the newly announced business chatting platform for offices, the business accounts of users and companies will have three status types, named unconfirmed, confirmed, or verified, depending upon the verification and validity of the accounts. This was revealed in an FAQ for “Chatting with businesses”.

Business accounts that are marked as “unconfirmed” will have a gray question mark badge that will be displayed in their profile depicting that “This account is using the WhatsApp Business app, but hasn’t been confirmed nor verified by WhatsApp.”

This way, the legitimacy of business accounts can be confirmed and the employees can stay secure.

After that, there’s a “confirmed” status, a gray checkmark badge will be displayed in the profile. The gray checkmark badge will depict that “WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number of this account matches the phone number for this business.”

Lastly, there will be a “verified” status depicting that “WhatsApp has verified that an authentic brand owns this account,” and it will be accompanied by a green checkmark badge in the profile.

The company, though, hasn’t revealed what criteria will be used to verify the business accounts. There is still no information on whether these top-tier business account verifications will be granted after paying heavy fees or not.

The mighty messaging company had announced the business accounts feature some time ago but couldn’t implement it until now due to unknown reasons. The main reason for adding this feature to WhatsApp now could be because Facebook doesn’t want to inject ads into the app and break the promise of its founders who vowed to keep the app ads-free.

In September, the company revealed that it will launch a free app for small and medium businesses to assist its customers. Though, the launch date of this app isn’t confirmed until now.

At the end of the FAQ, WhatsApp has clearly mentioned that “Business verification and confirmation don’t indicate an endorsement by WhatsApp” to escape any controversies like the one with Twitter where it was accused of supporting neo-nazis by endorsing their accounts with a blue badge. Twitter was forced to change its verification rules and remove the blue checkmarks.

Via TechCrunch

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