Chinese Doctors to Conduct 500 Free Eye Surgeries in Pakistan Next Month

A crew of Chinese doctors will perform 500 eye surgeries on poor and needy people at the Pakistan Eye Bank Society Hospital North Karachi next year from January 10th to the 24th stated Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, Pakistan Medical Association secretary general, in a press conference at PMA House Karachi,

We feel happy to inform the people about the ‘Bright Journey Pakistan’ project, wherein 500 eye surgeries will be performed by the Chinese ophthalmologists at the PEBS Hospital, a charity facility, in North Karachi from January 10-24.

A contingent encompassing of officials from the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate in Karachi visited PEBS Hospital to check in with the arrangements and available facilities as well as to discuss the protocols and standard operating procedures for the upcoming eye camp.

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It is being carried out as a gesture of goodwill to promote friendly relations between the two countries,” says Dr. Shoukat Malik, the president of PMA Karachi.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by the four-member Chinese delegation, which was headed by Hu Meiqi, deputy director of International Health Exchange and Cooperation, China (IHECC). He said that IHECC would bear all expenses related to eye surgeries and would be organizing as a peace offering from China to the poor and needy people of Pakistan.

It is hoped that similar activities will follow in other fields of medicine across Pakistan says Dr. Wasiq.

It will be an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and skills among doctors of the two countries in the field of ophthalmology,” said Hu Meiqi.

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad also believes that this step would strengthen the ties and boost Pak-China friendship among the people.

Via Dawn

  • It’s an experiment. Be very very careful. Chinese aren’t fools to do charity. These so called doctors are straight out of grad colleges. They are testing their skills on these hapless victims. Always remember “no free lunch”.

  • To promote good will, let the Chinese give visas and subsidize treatment for the needy. It would avoid common people like me to beg Indians. Where required, visa would suffice and let the treatment cost borne by our government. Why isn’t this worked out.

  • I am very happy that Chinese doctors are helping Pakistani patients. Chinese have developed eye drops that make men sterile. This is one of their top secret projects and CIA knew about this (you will find this in wikileaks). This is how they controlled their population. But this is good thing though as Pakistan has a big exploding population which needs to be controlled and I am sure Pakistani Government is aware of this and actively cooperating. You will have more of these camps in Pakistan I am sure.

  • How to apply for surgeries.the number over website are invalid.
    It is sure the cases were register early than the date
    kindly mention from the related field

    thanks Regards izhar

  • On a different note, well researched articles are anticipated in propakistani. These are very sensitive and serious issues. Expectation of propakistani is that of a role of vigilante. Please publish well researched and investigative articles. There are reports suggesting that young grads from China are going to be deputed as opthalmologist who will be testing their knowledge. Please propakistani, I request you to investigate into this.

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