This December is the Wettest in Pakistan in 5 Years

After a pause of 5 years, December this year brought in winter showers in major parts of Pakistan, which is considered to benefit the winter crops, according to experts.

The yearly data depicts that December this year is said to be the wettest since 2012.

Islamabad received the heaviest showers this year. Lahore too received rain this time after three dry Decembers. Rain in Punjab and upper parts of the country instantly dropped the temperature, making the climate colder than usual. A senior meteorologist said,

A westerly wave affected the upper parts of the country on Monday and caused light and moderate showers coupled with snowfall in hilly areas.

He also informed that the wave is expected to end on Thursday in all areas excluding Malakand division.

After 2012, Decembers have remained mostly dry in Pakistan. However, this year almost the entire Pakistan has received showers, which are good for winter crops.

87mm of rain was recorded in Islamabad back in December 2012 while 58mm has been recorded in December this year already. Lahore received 17mm of rain this December.

Many parts of the country received their first winter showers this year. The meteorologists said,

Malamjabba has received 10 inches of snow, Kalam 7 and Murree one foot of snow. After this spell which is expected to be followed by gusty cold winds, the temperature may further drop in the country.

Temperatures Recorded in the Last 24 hours

  • Kalat -8 °C
  • Quetta -6°C
  • Dalbandin -5°C
  • Kalam -5°C
  • Parachinar -5°C

Upper Sindh and Punjab are expecetd to face hazy and foggy conditions at night and the morning hours.

Current Weather in Major Cities

  • Lahore – Fog with low visibility. 19°C high and 4 °C low
  • Karachi – Clear and sunny. 23°C high and 12 °C low
  • Islamabad – Cloudy. 17 °C high and 3 °C low
  • Quetta – Clear and sunny . 9 °C high and 0 °C low
  • Peshawar – Clear and sunny. 16°C high and 6 °C low

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