Drugs Found on London Bound PIA Flight

Police in the UK have confirmed that they have found an “unspecified quantity of heroin” on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight that flew to London from Pakistan.

National Crime Agency of Britain has been assigned the responsibility to investigate the incident regarding the recovery of narcotics from PIA flight PK-785, which was flying from Islamabad to London.

According to media reports, no arrest has taken place thus far but the passports of the crew members have been confiscated. This is in case they are found complicit in the transport of heroin on PK-785.

The aircraft has made its way back to Pakistan with a new crew.

About The Incident

Mashhood Tajwar, PIA spokesperson, confirmed the incident. He said that the flight was thoroughly searched for more than two hours after its landing in London. Furthermore, 14 crew members were also searched and were released after being detained for nearly two hours.

Tajawar claimed that there were no drugs on the flight and they plan on taking the matter up with the relevant authorities.

According to PIA passengers, the police searched specific places as if they were tipped about the information beforehand.

This isn’t the first time flight PK-785 was found at the center of controversy. Some time back, drugs were found on the same Boeing-777 during repair work.

Via BBC Urdu

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  • oh media walo karo mazeed badnam karo nawazaio badnam karo mazid apne Pakistan ko….

  • Dear Media :
    Ye Bhi Keh Sakte They Pakistan K Ek Niji Air Line Main Durgs Mila Hai :
    But PIA Ka NAAAM Lena Ye Kaha Ka Insaaf Hai ?

  • Its a shame that our National Flag carrier is involved in such incident….a wrong doing of few people comes as a shame for the whole nation and let it be cricketers, politicians, gov officials everyone is in a race to loot this country they have dual nationalities they give a damn what happens to the holders of green passport then we say “oh yea jo bhe kerwaya hai amreeka nay kerwaya hai” May Allah help this Nation.

    • Did someone give a statement that Taliban have accepted the responsibility ? Or ISIS has accepted the responsibility ?

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          No Taliban No ISIS But PIA Ka Staff Bhi to Manne ko Tayyar Nahi ?
          Ab Kare to Kiya Kare Passport Rakh Liya Gaya Hai Pure Staff ka

      • LOL….America ka koai haath nahi is main i was just referring to a very commonly used term “jo kia hai amreeka nay kiya hai” :)

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