One of The Most Exciting Features in Windows 10 Makes it to Beta

One of the most awaited Windows 10 features is now in beta. After the announcement of the Windows 10 Fall Creator update by Microsoft, one of the most intriguing features it demonstrated was the Timeline.

It allows you to search and get back to your recent activities as you move between different platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Update Task View?

In simpler words, its more like a collective task viewer across all your devices. The feature is supported by Microsoft’s cloud services. It looks similar to the task view from Windows 7/10, which is accessed by pressing Win+Tab keys.

Sadly unlike other features, Timeline wasn’t ready to be rolled out for the Fall Creators update.

Today, Timeline has made its way into the latest Windows 10 insider preview build (only for the users who like experimenting in the Fast ring, as well as those who picked the Skip Ahead builds).

What it Does

The main purpose of the Timeline is to give you a simple and easy overview of your recent tasks, be it a document you had been working on in MS Office or a website you searched for that you might want to retrieve on Edge (will be available on Android phones).

Instead of going over and searching for that website in your browser history or manually finding the document, you can now easily view it on the Timeline.

Besides finding your recent activities from the past hour, Timeline also limelights the document you might want to work on.

But then again, Cortana too can remind you of your activities that you might want to view or complete as you switch between your devices. However, Cortana isn’t available for Pakistan so this feature might help users like us.

How to Access Timeline

If you have updated your Windows 10, you’ll find the Timeline behind the new taskbar icon or you could just use the short-key, windows key + tab.

App developers have to explicitly support Timeline in their apps in order to take full advantage of it. For now, its best for browsing in Microsoft Edge and documents from Microsoft Office. Aside from these two, activities in Windows 10 apps like Maps, News, Money, Sports, and Weather are also supported.

Via WindowsBlog

  • Actually all you need to get Cortana to work in Pakistan is to change your region to United States. You’ll also get several other features which aren’t available in Pakistan.

    • Nhn, Windows 7 mein Alt+Tab aur Win+Tabb dono kam krte hain. Win+Tab sirf 3D effect dal deta hai windows mein, lkn kam same krta hai. Windows 10 mein yeh feature abhi tk nhn tha, lkn ab aa gya.

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