This ‘King of Mehrans’ Has A Turbo Charger, Cruise Control and More

The Suzuki Mehran is the staple car of Pakistan so, naturally, a lot of enterprising car enthusiasts want to modify it to their heart’s content.

No matter how absurd these two words – “modified Mehran” –  sound together (yeah we said it), it’s not unusual to find Pakistani youngsters dedicating their lives and countless hours into building this ‘dream car.’

In this respect, one Mehran owner has decided to unleash a new trend in town, a ‘hood-less’ Mehran. As any car owner would tell you, removing the front hood of a car can prove beneficial in certain cases.

So Why a Hood-less Mehran?

You might not see the benefit of removing your Mehran’s hood at first, but some Mehran owners are reporting good results when it comes to reducing the car’s weight.

By removing the hood, some enterprising auto owners are hoping to get rid of the ‘unnecessary’ items that make your Mehran sluggish due to the extra weight. Efficiency, combined with the picturesque hood contents are a plus one as well.

Here’s how it looks:

Jokes aside, this particular Mehran has been packed with some pretty awesome hardware such as a 660cc turbocharged engine, cruise control, traction control, and unrivaled aesthetics. 

The enthusiast spent a great deal modifying and improving their Mehran’s engine. According to them, the performance boost feels great if you’re the driver.

Only one problem here. How can you expect your neighborhood to find out how souped-up your Mehran is if it doesn’t look the part? According to these modifying peeps, how do you justify the money you spent and how fast your Mehran can go?

Unless you know, you tear its hood off and let everyone know that your ‘dabba’ means business.

It must sound great because there isn’t any useless layer of metal stopping the engine from breathing.

-1 weight, +1 performance, and most importantly, +10 aesthetics the hood-less Mehran has it all.

Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

  • M Waseem Akhtar

    What about aerodynamic effect of hood removal?

    • Taha Najam

      Yep. Weight is not the biggest factor contributing to friction. Air drag is.

      • M Ibraheem Ijaz

        You are not going to become another abdul wahab of propakistani…….keep this in your mind………

        • Taha Najam

          Eh, I wasn’t planning to. You can have that title if you are so jealous.

          • M Ibraheem Ijaz

            hahah.WOW….. taha najam……instead of admitting your mistake you are making more foolish comments…….. bro grow up ……… ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE LIKE A MAN……..or i mentioned the wrong gender for you……

            • Taha Najam

              My mistake? Wtf u on about? I dunno what personal issues you have man, but you don’t have to project your insecurities on me lmao. I don’t even know who tf you are.

              • M Ibraheem Ijaz

                My personal issue?….are you serious….and insecurities on YOU……WHAT ARE YOU?………..You cant even talk without using…f tf wtf…your words clearly shows your mentality…bro i can go beyond these words but i dont want to take influence from your personality…..BRO go and check my first comment against YOU….you will know your mistake…….. AND I AM NOT DEMANDING APOLOGIES JUST LOOK BACK>>>>>>ADMIT OUR MISTAKE…>>>

    • Syed Anwar Ahmed

      Dude are you realy asking question about dynamics in Mehran
      What difference it make when the hood is on

    • deltree

      Do you think it will hit the top speed around when aerodynamics actually become an issue?:p

  • A Pakistani Mechanic JUGAAR :)

    • HMA

      But its a good mechanical effort…appreciate it

      • I Appreciated :
        70Cc Ko 125Cc Jaisa Power Full Banane Ka Hunar Pakistani Mechanic K Pas He Hai :)

        • HMA

          hahaha NICE..

    • Muhammmad Rizwan

      Nope no Jugaar
      its simple Alto work rs setup

    • Qazi Shami

      Sorry bro agr Kisi cheez ke bary me info na hu tu fazul comment ni krna chye Ap ko mehran ke alif be ka b ni pta sorry to say
      Alhumduliilah by the grace of allah almighty everything in this car is bolt to bolt no alterations everything is of japnese mehran rsr version

  • Xahid

    Yea, not only you invite thieves but also dust which is the major problem in Pakistani cities.

    • HMA

      I think its in Islamabad not in Karachi….So u know about dust difference….

      • Alpha Bravo

        Islamabad Pluto pe hai?

        • HMA

          Much cleaner then Karachi bro…

          • Altaf

            Islamabad is the best.

      • Xahid

        I am talking about the idea, not the car itself.

      • RealPatriot

        Nahi esi chawalein ya karachi walon se expected hein ya lahorion se, Islamabad abhi tak decent hai

      • hahah

        it is in Peshawar

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    is today first april?

  • Danish

    open invitation for Battery?

    • ProResponse

      … to battery thieves.

    • Qazi Shami

      Jo log ount rakhty han wo darwaza b bara rakhty han mery bhi

      • Xahid

        yea, but the problem here is, k Darwaza hi nikaal k phaink deya hai :D

  • Haroon

    bhai bhagti to bohat hogi ……….. ye btao rokte kaise ho ? I can see stock worst than BMX Cycle brake :-p

    • Qazi Shami

      Its a 4 wheel disc brake
      For your kind information

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Ab bas Helicopter ka blades lagna baqi rah gaye hain :D

    • Aur Pani Pe Chalan (agha Waqar hai na)

    • Qazi Shami

      Bandar kia jany adraq ka sawad?

      • Arslan Ejaz


  • Wajahat Ahmed

    i think he can use glass fiber material to cover up the hood. glass fiber is light weight and can be used to avoid drag.

  • FuriousNinja

    Without hood, it even looks more ‘crappier’. I honestly thought that a Mehran cannot afford to be any more uglier but this guy got the job done !!!

    Thumbs up !!!

  • Abdul Qavi

    I like it zaberdast

  • dxmaestro

    Propakistani should tag satire articles as such…

  • Naj

    Imagine a Fiberglass hood… I saw somewhere in Lahore on Santro… Lightweight along with proper aerodynamics.