PTCL Wins Fight Against Land Grabbers in Karachi

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has said that its properties located at Malir Halt in Karachi, just off Shahrah-e-Faisal and near Karachi Airport are under threat from the land grabbers who are using different tactics to deprive the company of its rightful ownership.

This was disclosed by Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer at PTCL, in a media brief at a local hotel Karachi. PTCL’s legal and media team were also present at the briefing.

He said that the land is owned and managed by PTCL since its beginning and it is mentioned in the records that the land under dispute was the property of the Telephone & Telegraph Department, which preceded the establishment of PTCL, and was in its possession since the 50s.

When PTCL was incorporated by the Government of Pakistan under the Pakistan Telecommunication Act, 1996, in pursuance of Section 35 of the Act, it was transferred all properties, rights and liabilities and was given the authority to own, manage and control its assets.

He said that it was in the late 50s and 60s that PTCL’s predecessor organization had acquired land in Malir for the establishment of Telecommunications and Training facilities.

A residential colony was also established for the staff working at the facilities. For many years, the properties remained under the peaceful possession of the Telecommunication authorities.

Syed Mazhar Hussain informed the media that on December 16 2017, a group of civil armed personnel with a contingent of Sindh Anti Encroachment Police and heavy machinery started bulldozing PTCL’s duct factory that was owned by PTCL since 1960, located near the airport at Shahrah-e-Faisal.

“A person name Murtaz Khooso gave an application paper to the police, saying that this land was owned by him and PTCL encroached on it. Police and Local Administration came to aid him in grabbing PTCL’s property.” Syed Mazhar told media.

Syed Mazhar said that this was the 2nd attempt by Murtaz Khooso to grab this land. Earlier In 2013, a similar attempt was made with local administration and police when PTCL, with the help of higher officials, regained the ownership of its land successfully.

PTCL filed a case against the land grabbers and took a stay order.

“This time PTCL’s management contacted the Chief Secretary and IG police, and showed the stay order and other legal documents to the High Court. On the basis of these documents, the higher management of Sindh Administration backed PTCL in regaining control of the factory.” Syed Mazhar said

PTCL is a government owned company and with 62 percent of its shares still owned by the Federal Government. It’s ironic how the local administration and state organs assisted the land mafia in their activities.

This time land grabbers and police targeted PTCL’s abandoned duct factory. This factory currently is not in operation but is used as a storage facility. During the land grabbing operation, PTCL’s precious equipment, copper wire and other material worth millions of Rupees was also stolen.

“PTCL is taking every action against the miscreants and has filed a contempt of court case against them. PTCL has also registered a FIR under trespassing property, theft and others charges.” Syed Mazhar added.

He also confessed that another property owned by PTCL is threatened by land grabbers, who are engaged in China cutting of the land. P&T colony is one of the examples, however, this is a more complicated matter.

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