Alleged Drunk Driver Runs Over Two Policemen in Lahore [Video]

Two policemen were ran over by a black Toyota Corolla driver last Sunday in Lahore’s DHA area. The policemen were stationed at a security checkpoint where they performed their nightly duties.

One of the policemen, Mustansar, died instantly while his partner, Qasim, is currently in a hospital suffering from major wounds.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident. Do note that viewer discretion is advised because the video is  highly graphic.

The driver was allegedly drunk-driving when he drove over the officers on duty.

The Driver Is Related To Maryam Nawaz?

A case has already been registered against the suspect by the police. Initially, rumors were circulating that that the driver was related to Maryam Nawaz.

Local news channel said that the driver was Mian Munir, a relative of Maryam Nawaz. However, the politician took to Twitter to dispel the rumor claiming that her relative’s name is Chaudhry Munir.

Driver Sent Back Home

Some publishers and TV networks are reporting that instead of the real culprit, the accompanying servant named Saeed has been imprisoned.

Several sources also say that the family and relatives of the police officers have been forced by officials to let the matter slide – in exchange of a huge sum of money.

Update: The title was updated to reflect new info that was added to the article.

  • misleading title. when she denied it how on earth u termed the culprit as ‘Alleged Relative of Maryam Nawaz ‘?

    • Even he was relative, did she told him that drive carelessly and hit people. Pathetic way of sharing news.

      • Because if he IS the relative, then simply being in relation to Nawaz family will set him free.

        On second thought, he wont even be jailed. The powerful few in this country cannot be touched by the hand of the law. That is the meaning behind that title.

        But to be fair, this doesn’t only apply to the Nawaz family though.

        • Let me remind you what is other side of the picture:

          1- You attack parliament, PTV and make people hostage in capital for days and you are set free by courts.

          2- Your bottles of hard drinks contain honey.

          3- You walk into courts like you are going to conquer something, you are hard on courts if they give a judgement against you or call you a few times but they are your favorites if judgement is in your favor.

          Check your double standards first and don’t be a hypocrite.

          • Really? You calling me a hypocrite but what about you? You still support these rotten to the core politicians of PML N and you are preaching to others like you are on some kind of pedestal?

            The nerve on you lol.

            Kindly dont preach to us when you cant even admit any one time that your beloved Nawaz and his daughter is as corrupt as they can be.

            And never on a public forum accuse someone of supporting a party when you dont even know my affiliations. Thank you. And if you have read my comment carefully you wouldnt have called me a hypocrite.

            You are a lost cause Sir, a lost cause.

            And if anything, take out your previous history of comments and give them a read. I know the recent judgements from the judiciary has burned you so you weren’t here for time being but kindly dont take it out on us.

            Bnda ksi ki andhi tkleed m itna bi magan na ho k usko sahi or ghalat m tfreek krna bhuljae. Allah s drte ho to bolo usko gaawah bnakr k tmharay Nawaz nay aj tk ek rupay ki bi corruption ni ki?

  • misleading title. Propak has stumbled to lowest levels with such posts.

    i find it amusing and embarrassing when people write such misleading and false titles just to gain views.

    @Admin of ProPk website, please improve and implement some strict rules to ensure quality and truth of articles on this website.

    • As I know Aamir is officially a PTI supporter and will let such misleading posts to be part of his blog.

      But Aamir bro you are ruining it so badly, if PTI fails to deliver like it failed in KP all these posts will be history, to save the image you will have to delete this in next couple of years…so be neutral.

      • And never support a party whose leader cant even deliver his promises and got disqualified for life and cant even save his face now.

        A so called leader who is found accused in numerous cases but still our innocent and naive people like you support him. If anybody reads your history then rest assured you wont be known as a logical decent person but one who supports blindly his beloved leader even when he knows he’s wrong.

        Dont you worry about Aamir Atta. Take care of yourself first. There’s a mirror you know.

        “If PTI fails to deliver in KP” haha. Like your so called party has delivered all over Pakistan, right? Nah you ll come up with some bogus numbers now to support some claim which you ll make up upon reading this.

        Hats off to your dheet pan Sir.

        • my friend a sane man will see my comment as pointing out a serious mistake in this blog post. there is no where mention of PTI, PML-N, PPP, etc. the only major problem i saw in this post is the fake & misleading title which i pointed out. there should be a clear and strict policy for writing blogs on this website to ensure quality standards. else this website will become a troll in a few years. i have been a reader here for quite long and i am seeing this website losing it’s charm and authenticity over the years. of course you can be a PLM-N, PPP or PTI supporter along with the Admins of this website but going this low just for views and misleading readers via fake titles is also unethical & unprofessional.

          • Yes I understand what you are trying to say. I wasnt justifying the title or anything but was just saying that the elite and powerful will get away with this kind of behaviour.

            As for your issue with ProPK, yes if they want to continue down this road then they should atleast remove the word ‘IT’ from their blog and then focus on everything.

            And also to be politically unbiased, they need to focus on every party.

            I felt pretty excited whenever they posted any article on smartphones or other devices, especially PC. But those articles are spread out between recipes and political news.

            • yes, you get my point. it was really an amazing website where i used to come and read latest IT and technology related news in Pakistan. Now it’s more like car reviews, cake recipes, etc.

              And another thing is they will let writers copy & paste weeks old articles as it is, sometimes without even mentioning links and sources. i hope they improve their content.

  • Change u r website name from propakistani to probesharm……….don’t insult the name of Pakistan same like defencepk

  • اچھی خاصی ویب سائیٹ تھی پرو پاکستانی کسی زمانے میں، جب صرف عامر عطاء اور زوہیر وغیرہ لکھتے تھے۔
    پھر آہستہ آہستہ سیاسی اور متنازعہ پوسٹنگ شروع کر دی ۔
    ایک آئی ٹی بلاگ جو کبھی عروج پر تھا، اب زوال کی منزلیں طے کرے گا۔
    دو پیسے کمانا ہر کسی کا حق ہے، ظالموں اگر پیسے کمانے ہی تھے تو کوئی اور ویب سائیٹ بنا لیتے، کرنٹ افیئرز پر اس میں یہ سب کچھ کرتے۔ ایک بہترین ویب سائیٹ کو کچرا بنا دیا ہے۔

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