Foreign Companies Plan to Introduce Lightweight EFI Compatible CNG Kits

Representatives of three well-reputed companies from Italy and United Kingdom will arrive in Pakistan this week to look into prospects of supplying lightweight Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Cylinders and latest electronic fuel injection (EFI) compatible kits.

“Groups of the companies are arriving on January 11 and 13 to hold negotiations with the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA). They will also visit other stakeholders like Petroleum and Natural Resources Division of the Energy Ministry and Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP),” Central leader of APCNGA Abdul Ghiyas Paracha told media.

He said the association was planning to import latest electronic fuel injection (EFI) compatible kits, lightweight 22 kg and 45 kg CNG cylinders, which could be used in 660cc to 3,000cc vehicles.

The chairman said the lightweight cylinders would have the same eight kilograms CNG filling capacity as of the old 60 kg CNG cylinders, adding that the new technology would be easy in handling and would give better mileage.

“It will be cost-effective as compared to the increasing prices of vehicles. However, price of new cylinders and kits will be determined after their import,” he said in reply to a question.

Paracha said a number of international entrepreneurs were contacting the association and showing keen interest to invest after seeing tremendous potential in CNG sector of Pakistan.

Answering a question, he admitted that at present the CNG sector was not attracting motorists because they were still uncertain about its future, but expressed confidence that “future will be of the cheap and environment-friendly fuel, which is almost 30 percent cheaper than petrol at the current rates.”

Paracha, who is also heading the Universal Gas Distribution Company (Pvt.) Limited – the first company which secured Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sale and marketing licence from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to feed the CNG outlets, thanked the Petroleum and Natural Resources Division for making concerted efforts for reactivating the sector.

He underlined the need for setting up more LNG terminals and further improving the supply system across the country to provide inexpensive and environment-friendly fuel to the common man.

He said, although CNG stations were operating round-the-clock, the number of CNG users would gradually increase with the improved LNG supply.

In 2012, Pakistan was on top among CNG user countries with 3.7 million CNG-run vehicles, he said, adding, “By the grace of Allah Almighty it will soon achieve the past glory.”

He expressed confidence that with continued government policies to revive the CNG sector, Pakistan would again become number one CNG user country in the next three years.

  • I just don’t understand on one hand they blamed CNG cars for using up all Pakistan’s gas reserves on other hand they want CNG kits back? How are they going to provide gas? From animal farms?

    • At its very peak, the total share of CNG usage in overall natural gas consumption in the country was 8%. The highest share (45%) went to electricity generation through gas turbines, followed by 29% by fertilizer industry. 18% went to domestic / mix consumption. Ref (Pak Energy Year Book 2012/2013 if I recall correctly). CNG is a healthy fuel, good on environment, better for vehicle and inexpensive also. Though hardly any engine has been designed for its usage. The compression ratios are designed for normal gasoline that’s why some people say ‘gas pay gari ki pick e khatam ho jati hai’. Besides, it also translates into inefficiency in comparison to the engine which could be specifically designed for operation on natural gas.

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