Intel’s New AMD Powered Chips Beat Nvidia’s Dedicated Gaming Cards

In what was one of the most unexpected partnerships in tech industry, Intel has announced it’s first processors powered by AMD’s Vega GPUs.

Intel’s new series (dubbed H series) of 8th gen laptop processors will be powered by AMD’s RX Vega M, combining decent processing power with 1080p gaming.

New Design

Intel has introduced a unique new processor design for the H series (picture above), with room for 4 GB of HBM2 memory (for RX Vega).

The company was also keen to point out the EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnected Bridge) that connects the memory modules with the GPU. This ensures that there are no memory bottlenecks for the GPU while also reducing latency.

Here’s a list of the processors being released in the new series:

Gaming Chops

Usually Intel pairs their processors with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card (from the GTX-10 series recently). Now that Intel has it’s own GPU muscle in the shape of AMD, this will seriously affect the sales of Nvidia powered laptops.

If you’re wondering how it stacks up against the likes of GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 (the laptop variants), Intel has you covered on that end too.

Here’s how RX Vega M GL/GH compare against Nvidia:

Comparison with GTX 1050

Comparison with GTX 1060

Being able to go toe to toe with a dedicated graphics solution is nothing short of amazing, not to mention that these new processors will be a lot cheaper than their counterparts (with an Intel processor and a dedicated Nvidia gpu).

You can expect 60 fps at 1080p resolution on high settings for most modern gaming titles with these chips.

Overclockable With Freesync Support

Surprisingly, the processor, GPU and memory modules can be overclocked, using Intel’s XTU and AMD’s Radeon Wattman. This will allow you to get even more mileage out of your laptop as well.

In addition, they will support AMD’s Freesync and Radeon Adrenalin Edition software, and will get launch day driver updates for new games here.

The first Intel H series powered notebooks from HP and Dell will be available later this year.

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