Be Careful: Here’s What You Sacrifice for Low Prices on Online Stores

Recently, I’ve seen a few cases of people publicly shaming online stores for ‘scamming’ them.

While the stores have miles to go before they can even begin to compete with the quality of service offered by the likes of Amazon and others, the stores aren’t at fault in these particular cases.

Here’s what happens. In the hunt for savings, people look for the store with the cheapest price. However, in the case of electronics and other items, the lower prices are only possible because the items are grey market imports. Stores buy them from cheaper markets and import them via baggage claim and other schemes.

Does that mean you get the lowest price possible? Yes. However, the negative consequences are warranty issues. Either these items have check warranty or none at all. An acceptable risk if it’s a cheap fitness tracker. But it’s a huge deal if it’s a 60 inch LED TV.

What we have to understand as consumers is that there is a responsibility on our end to do our due diligence. It’s part of the buying process. Usually, if warranty isn’t mentioned, assume there is none. If there’s still any doubt, call and ask. Stores aren’t obligated to provide service, repairs or refunds if your grey market import item stops working so do your research before making a purchase.

It also bears mentioning that this behavior isn’t limited to online stores. Many offline stores also offer grey market items with no warranty.

So yes, online stores need to communicate in a more effective and transparent manner but at the same time, consumers need to be diligent and make sure that warranties and after sales support are included in the items they buy as well.

If you’re getting an item for cheap, be aware of what you are sacrificing for it lest you regret it later. .

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • it seems light, but in real its a big fraud being done by online stores. Not only the stores who gives with cheaper price,but I hav a experience of all stores. online stores measn 55% 3rd quality.

  • Warranty is a joke especially in our country. The writer has certainly never suffered the warranty scam/fraud either due to luck or connections. He would have disclosed otherwise. Extra payment for extended warranty is an even bigger farce.
    I will use just one example scenario. Almost everyone has a car and many would recall the amount they had to spend during warranty claims. We pay for warranty dearly but during claim, we are charged more on one pretext or the other. First they would blame us of misuse. Then delay the claim and what not. I dont need to write down all their b.s. The circus is the same across the globe.

    N janab, Buyer remorse is not about problems after purchase. It means feeling bad after buying something expensive or unnecessary. Stop using fancy terms without context.
    Another example is phones market. Many phones covered by damage protection insurance are outrightly denied repairs because almost all insurance providers are bankrupt. IGI victim anyone?
    And here i go about online stores. They are undoubtedly run by dishonest deceitful lowlife DBags. They are out to steal from unsuspecting buyers. Warranty, or no warranty, is not the issue here.

  • Ary store stole from me I sent them so many messages they don’t reply to me they even removed my review from the store

    • I would never buy if they really do such things. How can a customer judge a supplier if website removes customer’s reviews. Ali express, banggood, and grearbest are really good. Try these stores. They take time and sometime custom need to be cleared but i don’t have any bad review about their quality (good packaging and same product). Search the item, filter by number of orders/ rating, read the product’s description and go for it

  • Daraz have to do these things immediately in order to save her face and credibility.
    1. There should be a very very tough process for becoming a Daraz supplier. and they should sign a tough legal bond with the supplier. So only genuine supplier can make their way.
    2. They should not remove negative comments and feedback added on the bad products.
    3. There product and supplier rating system must be more transparent and authentic.
    4. They must improve there customer support department and update there system. Also return order system with real time tracking should be implemented.

  • The quality of service providing by online stores are not good, what ever the product show online perhaps it is different in real. lots of thing have to be cater by these online stores. As seems to be that if these practices still prevailing then these online store will be no longer space to grow the business like we have an example of lootlo which is no longer growth we see in last year, even they have just 1 or 2 domain deal are offering. As far as I belongs to e-commerce domain, Customer support should be the top priority to compete in the market.

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