Imran Khan’s Brilliance Applauded In Sanjay Manjrekar’s Book

Imran Khan is perhaps the greatest cricketer in Pakistan’s history and Sanjay Majrekar — a prominent name in cricketing world — revealed yet another tale which highlights the brilliance of Khan.

Manjrekar had a solid start to his career and he was a highly anticipated cricketer. In 1989, he played a series against Pakistan where he accumulated 569 runs at an average of 94.83.

Playing at number 3 position, he scored two hundreds, including a double ton which helped India draw the four-match series 0-0.

The Indian television commentator and columnist recently unveiled his autobiography called ‘Imperfect’ in which he recalled an incident from the 1989 series against Pakistan.

Sanjay claims that this was the moment he fell in love with Imran Khan’s leadership skills.

He said:

In the Faisalabad Test, Sachin Tendulkar got light feather of a touch as he looked to work it off he looked to work it off his hip. It was such faint edge that no one appealed. Except for Imran Khan, who was at mid-on.

Sanjay said that he considered Imran as his idol and this was precisely one of the reason; his attention to detail. He added, “…at the end of the over, Tendulkar and I got together, and he said, ‘What a guy, what sharp ears’. He knew he had edged it.”

He kept asking his players how come they didn’t hear it. ‘Awaaz to zaroor aayi yaar [there was definitely a sound],’ he kept saying before he reluctantly dragged his feet back to mid-on.

There’s no doubt that Imran is a one of the greatest. But he had to do a lot of work to get there and had to put himself through tremendous grind to achieve greatness. His wisdom, intelligence and genuineness played a huge part in his success.

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    • Define “leader”.

      A person who only and only criticizes opponents in every speech without any future plan? Who does mockery of opponents all the time, give them names ? A person who gets personal with opponents but his life isn’t a public topic ? A person who introduced intolerance in politics and naming, bashing ?

      Go read qualities of a leader before you call him a leader, don’t embarrass the word “leader”.

      • Leader is the one who foresees e.g.
        IK’s position from day one on “American War of Terrorism”
        His vision of planting trees for future generations
        Leader should be fearless e.g.
        he still says sending army to waziristan was wrong decision
        he advocated dialogue with taliban and in both cases even called Taliban Khan
        he calls Pakistan’s liberals as blood thirsty liberals
        Leading from the front e.g.
        His entire life earnings were presented in SC and declared Sadiq/Ameen
        Must have faith in Allah e,g.
        When asked by nadeem malik in a prog, if there are very few people in your raiwind jalsa then…. he replied if there is no one I’ll go there alone and keep fighting
        plz don’t see the things through Geo lens. use your own brain
        and finally calling thief a thief and daku a daku and munafiq a munafiq is no intolerance. we are fed up of so called tolerance where muk maka is called politics.

        • Well well well… Stop a bit and let me answer your faith in Imran khan. Please don’t mind okay?
          1. Well you know that who partnered with America? Yes, it was pervez musharaf, right? But guess what Imran khan endorsed his decision. Wow?
          2. If he says that sending army to waziristan was wrong, then baby he should called “darpok taliban khan” — right? Are you justifying taliban here?
          3. Yes, leading from the front when he attached parliament, supreme court, PTV building — right? Leader needs to do that?
          4. Well, not fighting, only politics as he want to become prime minister before he die.

          So keep your facts right, baby!

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  • we ourselves haven’t grown up being a nation and always try to find a controversy. the day we learn to honor our heroes (regardless of favoritism/nepotism) we will be a respected nation in the world.

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