Razor’s Project Linda Turns Its Phone Into a Proper Laptop

Among the concepts showed at the CES, the most promising was Razer’s Project Linda, a laptop dock which houses Razer’s newly-unveiled Razer phone to power the machine.


The execution of the concept appears to be the best one yet. Project Linda cleverly uses the smartphone’s display as a trackpad, while the fingerprint scanner on the side conveniently stays on the user’s side for unlocking, which shows some forward thinking on Razer’s part.


A USB-C port pops out from the side upon pressing a button, after the phone has been inserted. The dock itself comes with a 13.3-inch QHD display on the front. It comes with a USB-C and a USB-A port for accessories, as well as a headphone jack and microphone. Above the display is an HD webcam. The Razer Phone provides the audio through its own speakers.

Chroma Equipped

Beneath the display is a backlit Chroma keyboard, which is what we’ve come to expect to expect on all Razer laptops. Also housed in the dock is 200 GB storage, as well as a 53.6 Wh battery, which can fully charge the phone three times. Design-wise, the dock looks like any other Razer laptop, and tips the scale at 1.25kg.

Project Linda should run a bunch of different games and apps you have on your phone on the larger screen. The final version of the dock will likely come with more enhancements, which Razer says will provide a similar experience to the Razer phone. These might include an HDR-capable display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Concept Project

The concept is far from the newest, as Motorola Atrix applied the same concept years ago, but as phones get more powerful it becomes the final execution becomes stronger. Project Linda is still in its nascent stages, as Razer itself claims to be working on some hitches regarding the second screen, however, overall it looks as final as a concept can get.