Vassist AI Assistant for Phones Launched by Pakistani Startup

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the technology world in ways, we had not expected a few years ago.

Nowadays, AI is being increasingly used to make effective decisions in medicine, healthcare, science, sports and many other fields performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

The Creative Verge, a Pakistani startup, has developed an artificially intelligent product Virtual Assist that is listed by the name of ‘Vassist’ on the Google play store. Vassist’s aim is to serve the user as a personal assistant by managing their daily schedule with the help of artificial intelligence.

Pakistan’s First Virtual Assistant

We all live in a busy world today. We try to manage our life perfectly but fail to do so. Vassist is here to change all that.

No more conflicts in your commitments as your personal virtual assistant is always there to manage your schedule.

It manages your calendar and also reschedules your appointments and events if it detects a conflict in your scheduled appointments along with sending reminders. Now you don’t have to worry about managing your schedule. Just let Vassist do it for you!

How It Works

Vassist works with different communication channels such as SMS and WhatsApp. It can easily detect upcoming events from incoming messages. It alerts the user whether the event call such as meeting, session or hangout etc. can be managed in the schedule or not. If the user agrees to an event call, then automatically other recipient is informed. In case of conflict with the schedule, Vassist resolves by giving the best suitable option for user to select and the app takes care of the rest.

However, this is not all! In a recent update to the app, user can grant permission to detect if he/she is driving a vehicle the app then rejects incoming call automatically and informs the other person that you are driving. If the user wants to share location with specific people (such as parents) on driving mode, then automatically user’s current location will be intimated to other person as well after his call is rejected.

Get your life organized and leave the hassle of managing your schedule to Vassist. Download the app today!

  • Compliment to Creative Assist on Vassist on the play store. At the time of CES 2018 is your time, do plan for Barcelona this Spring. In times with the Amazon Alexa, I think this is a bold move. Please do tell more. And do send a press release at the CES 2018.

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