Content Writing 101: Where Can You Find Regular Gigs?

Where can I find content writing gigs?

This is a million dollar question. But it has a million answers. We narrow it down for you so that you can find work quick and easy — and how to avoid dealing with fraud.

Facebook Groups – For Beginners

There are content writing groups on Facebook too. Most of them are frequented by newbies, veterans and clients as well. 

You are more likely to find managers there who have assignments for you. They usually quote their rates and work requirements publicly. These people will gladly give you work, and their payment deals are usually better than what freelancing firms have to offer.

How to find these Facebook groups? Try searching for these terms:

  • Pakistani Content Writers
  • Pakistani Freelancers
  • Content Writing Pakistan
  • Pakistani Bloggers

These search terms will yield results for you. But be warned that some scammers are not too far behind on these Facebook groups. It can be very easy for people to get work done without paying you, and sometimes pranksters will have you do work for no reason, so you have to be careful.

Facebook Groups are a mixed bag when it comes to finding content writing projects. But if you do your research, check background of the people you are working with (there’s plentiful and public feedback from the community after all), this might let you build your portfolio in no time at all.

Freelance Websites – For Experienced Writers

The first place where you can look for content writing gigs in Pakistan is to opt for freelance platforms such as FiverrFreelancer, Elance, Guru, iFreelance and SimplyHired.

Why choose freelancing sites? You get to decide your own work hours. You also get to have one-on-one interaction with all your clients. Additionally, you can even find external recruiters who like your work.

Drawbacks of using freelancing platforms Inexperienced content writers may not find work easily due to their lack of a portfolio. Sometimes, weeks can go by without you getting any assignments.

If you want to make the most of these platforms, it is important to maintain a good work ethic, satisfy your customers, and make a name for yourself.

Some freelancing sites (like Fiverr) have reviews, and new buyers might be hesitant to make a deal with you if they know you were late delivering your last task or failed to satisfy previous customers.

While these are great, it can be difficult to get regular work unless you’re very persistent. Fortunately, other options exist.

Content Writing Firms in Pakistan – For Beginners & Experienced Writers

There are plenty of freelancing firms in Pakistan that can give you content writing jobs. Ask your friends around because chances are that one of them might have worked in a couple of places like these.

You’ll find ads for these companies almost anywhere, and you can always apply to see if you’d like to work there.

Pro Tip: Most of these firms go by “IT Solutions” in their descriptions, so put that on your Google or LinkedIn search tab. They also tend to post their ads in Facebook Groups too.

Why not to go for these? These firms have quite a lot of projects and sometimes, they might exploit newbies into doing more work for less. When applying at one of these firms, it is a good rule of thumb to ask them for specifics regarding workload and requirements beforehand.

Software Houses – For Beginners

In your city alone, there might be a hundred of these and they always need content writers.

Why go for them? Often times, these software houses will look for home-based content writers. This can be an inexpensive win-win solution for both you and the employer, so do reach out and see if it works for you. Again, ask around in your circles about any available opportunities.

Who is it not for? The problem with software houses is that their work can sometimes be too much tech-focused and even specialized. If you’re comfortable with that, everything would work out great. Otherwise, you might need to apply somewhere else.

Check LinkedIn and Facebook for these type of job vacancies.

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An Exciting Bonus

Now for all of the options mentioned above, you might find that your own hard work could not be published under your own name, for professional reasons nonetheless. But if you are creative, or hungry to make your own name in blogging circles, you can say bye bye to ghost-writing.

How? Well you can submit your blog here at ProPakistani and get it featured as a Problog! And if you are really good, come work for us!

We hope you find what you’re looking for. You can also check out our other article about what to keep in mind once you land yourself a content writing gig.