This Google App Matches Your Selfies to Famous Artworks & the Results Are Hilarious

We all know someone from the industry we ‘somewhat’ look like. People frequently put their comparison pictures with the celebrities they adore the most on social media.

Google Arts & Culture app, however, has taken this comparison game to the next level.

A new feature of the app has combined thousands of museum artworks for comparing and match them with the selfies taken by random people.

Though the app was launched in 2016, the new feature has been hitting off on social media in the last few days.

Twitter users are sharing their selfie comparisons online, and the results are hilarious. Even Hollywood actor Kumail Nanjiani tried it out.

The concept is simple: take a selfie and Google will compare that to thousands of artworks, and provide you with a selection of possible doppelgängers.

Pro Tip: The worse the expressions, the better the results.

After you download the app, for iOS here and for Android here, scroll down until you see this and follow the prompts.

If you do not like the match given by the app, try altering the expression on your face.

Twitteratis Sharing Hilarious Results:

So, what are you waiting for? Take a screenshot of your results and post it here in the comments section below. Let’s see who’s looking ‘best’ or rather should we say ‘worst’ in the comparison.

  • I think this feature is not available to Pakistani people as i cant find the option to compare my selfie

  • Also plain copy and paste without reading it and posting it to your blog wont get you any credit

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