Illegal Buildings in Murree to be Bulldozed within 5 Days

The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the concerned authorities to bulldoze all the illegal buildings and structures in Murree within 5 days.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, while heading a three-member bench, has directed the Deputy Commissioner (DC) to lend bulldozers immediately for the purpose.

Mr. Nisar also raised concerns about the ownership of the illegal structures.

He said:

Who owns these illegal buildings? Who is responsible for these buildings? Please tell if illegal structures were built in Murree or not.

Upon the DC’s explanation — that Murree has illegal buildings since 2013 — the SC ordered him to submit all the details regarding the illegal structures to the court.

Chief Justice remarked:

If there is any other case in the courts then provide details of that too. Rent a bulldozer and demolish illegal structures in Murree within five days. Go to Murree and tell people that anyone who wants is free to come to the court. Either these illegal structures will fall or you will.

He added that “I saw Murree’s Mall Road in my younger days as well as when I grew older. Submit a list of the people under whom these illegal structures appeared. These structures have appeared with support from your institution. Don’t hide these buildings due to political reasons.”

He maintained that:

If the inspection team identifies any illegal building then there will be consequences. You have to prove that the country is run by rule of law.

The court has also taken notice of illegal commercial properties, such as wedding halls and markets in Islamabad and demanded a list of all illegal buildings in the federal capital from the Capital Development Authority.

The case has been postponed until tomorrow (Tuesday).

Via Geo