Nokia 8’s DxOMark Score Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

It is quite normal to expect all recent flagships and other high-end phones to get a good DxOMark score, an industry-wide standard which gives ranks Smartphone cameras. With that in mind, it is slightly discomforting to see the new Nokia 8 get a score of just 68 in the test.

Potential Bias

Do keep in mind that DxOMark is a consultancy which partners with major brands like Huawei, Samsung, Apple and Google. Their score just shows how a particular phone is scored on their set criteria of smartphone cameras and does not in any way indicate actual quality or results.

Nokia 8 comes with a dual-camera setup of 13 MP RGB and monochrome sensors, PDAF, f/2.0 aperture, optical image stabilization, and 1.12u pixels. On the video front, it shoots 4K at 30fps, while the front camera comes with a 13 MP sensor, too.

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The phone fared moderately-well in the photography category on DxOMark, with a score of 72. It performed fairly well when under Auto HDR with appropriate amount of exposure in all conditions.

High Noise Low Detail

However, according to the camera benchmarking site, the texture detail and noise reduction were below par, with further loss coming in low-light conditions. The saturation levels were generally low, while the corners were visibly softer than the center in the images. The Auto HDR mode didn’t turn on automatically in high-contrast scenarios.

At least the autofocus is considered to be mostly accurate, thanks to its combination of contrast detection, phase detection and laser focus, bar the low-light conditions where it is slow. The dual-tone flash also got a seal of approval, though, it produced red-eye often.

Video Ranking

Finally, the video capabilities got an even lower score of 62, mainly due to poor stabilization and autofocus performance, especially under less-than-ideal lighting. Similar to images, the detail level is low, while the HDR range is quite limited.

By comparison, the highest smartphone score to have been attained yet is 98, by the Pixel 2. Meanwhile, there have been instances of perfect scores of 100 in certain categories.

  • Ahhhh wait! we get it these are same ranking reports as PMLN get regarding tremendous financial growth in country. I am using that and honestly being a gadget freak i initially opted that phone (Nokia 8) as secondary phone along with my Note 8 and today that phone is primary and Note 8 is secondary now.

    DADDY IS BACK and all these huaweis and samsungs will see it coming and taking over again what they earned in his absence. Excellent value for Money!

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