Here’s What MyCart Customers are Buying the Most from Its Website

Gone are the days when you had to go the grocery store to buy day-to-day stuff.


With, now you can simply order your monthly groceries online and it will be delivered at your doorstep at your preferred time slot.

Mycart offers an extensive range of goods from grocery needs to household supplies, personal care and much more.

The popularity of the online grocery store is rapidly increasing among consumers in Karachi & Lahore will soon expand its operations nationwide.

Want to know which products caught the eye and what Pakistanis wanted to buy most?

Take a look here:

Shopping Trends Among Pakistani Consumers

General Grocery items were most popular among buyers on mycart. Here is how the shopping trends went:


General Grocery Items: Out of all products sold, 52.4% were general grocery items. These items include Rice, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Ghee, Oil etc. To put things into perspective 1 out of 2 customers bought General Grocery Items from mycart.

Babycare: Second in the list is baby care products with 200% growth Year on Year. These mainly include diapers, baby food and other baby care products that got the attention of parents.

Beverages & Snacks: With 4X growth, beverages and snacks seem to be the most popular category, mainly because of millennials. The products are mostly impulsed buying and do not need a secondary approval from the bread earner.

Key Highlights

Mycart also awarded Rs. 100 million worth of reward points to customers. 90% of these have already been spent by them showing how great the interest is shopping from mycart.

To improve customer experience and service mycart also added several features to shopping from the website. These include Card On Delivery option that holds a 15% share value. Among delivery options, every 2 out of 5 customers prefer Express Delivery (2 Hour Delivery).

Since last year the volume of sales at mycart has tripled. Mycart also recently redesigned their Mobile UI since 75% of traffic comes from hand-held devices. This move saw an increase of 4 times more customers through mobile phones.


Products shown on mycart are available in stock and are checked for quality before they are shipped.

Mycart has gained a lot of traction in 2017, Visit the store online to explore a wide range of products.


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  • The top website on my hate list. They delivered expired goods to me and never responded to my complaints. I simply do not recommend it.

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