A Basic Introduction to the Dark Web and How to Access It

As shady as it sounds, Dark Web is an area of the internet which cannot be accessed directly and remains hidden beneath the web pages and social networks we browse.

The internet is a big place, much bigger than what we are able to see by simply visiting Facebook or looking up on Google – the content on the dark web remains hidden and cannot be searched through conventional search engines.

Dark Web

The content which only exists on personal encrypted networks or peer-to-peer configurations is called the Dark Web.

It can only be accessed using special software and decryption tools such as a Tor browser and most of the websites on the Dark Web contain fishy content which need that kind of encryption. These websites cannot be visited using search engines or traditional browsers as their address are encrypted and cannot be traced using conventional methods.

The Dark Web sites generally use the Tor encryption tool to mask their identities due to which they can keep their activities hidden. The tool basically functions just like a VPN and consistently randomizes the host’s location to a different country so its almost impossible to detect where the user is.

Tor-encrypted websites can easily be accessed using a Tor browser. It provides secrecy for both ends – the website and the visitor both. The IP addresses using the browser bounce constantly to random locations while getting concealed under several layers of encryption.

The websites can be visited by any user in any part of the world by simply inputting the address in their Tor browser, however, its difficult to spot the location or identity of the websites.

Depending on how actionable the Dark Web-based activity is, it can be extremely dangerous if the user’s identity gets revealed.

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  • So dark web isn’t as fascinating as it looks, mainly due to ultra slow speeds (since its end to end encrypted).

    Then, there’s nothing constructive available there, other than some good discussion forums that are mainly for western markets and there’s very little content available relating to our local market.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone the Dark Web. Its way more depressing than the clear web.

      • Why are advocating to promote these kind of web sites?? @gulghazi:disqus . Promoting evil is much bad than conducting these actions bro!.. May Allah guide us all towards Sirat-e-Mutaqeem not towards this Shaitani raah.

          • whatever, but bad to know that these are doing illegal business activities on these links mostly.

            • Dark web is not what’s evil its the content found there in majority…
              its purpose is to achieve absolute security…

        • How am I advocating or promoting it? Allah is guiding all. You take the guidance too. You are way off base.You look and sound evil. No question about it. You protest too much. What are you hiding?

          BTW I am not your bro.

          • Allah bless you all. Yes, I must pray for my guidance all the way before of anyone else. As you are looking Muslim by your name so you are my Muslim brother, believe it or not. Sorry if you feel bad by calling you bro. You may all have better knowledge of dark web than me so I shall not be available in this thread any more. .. Stay blessed and be happy. :)
            Bye to all….

        • One must know and study evil so as to protect oneself from it and know how to defend against it. Do you not see that lesson in the Qur’an Majeed?

    • i would like the Admin Amir Atta to remove the Blog, since this evil is not supposed to be promoted, please remove this

    • Why did you delete my comment Amir…. You are unethically promoting the DARK WEB using the trending keyword of DARK WEB just to get better ranks in google search….. and when I commented on the issue…. you deleted my comment….. WHY……

  • I didn’t ever visit dark web. Even first time i read this name few days back.
    Is it legal to visit dark web?

  • this is a very serious issue and no one should be allowed helped and give tutorials to Get into the Dark WEB…its Wicked Criminal and Very DARK Thing to do…so plz delete this post immediately.

  • If im not wrong this is an introductory guide to access the dark web, i request please dont proceed this article any further. JazakAllah

  • As far as I know, you may browse deep-web but can’t do much on dark-web (which is a small part of deep-web).

  • The term is deep web. Dark web however is a portion of deep web used for illegal activities.

  • What in the world is ProPakistani doing endorsing visits to the dark web??? Dont we have enough criminals already? Irresponsible!!

  • Ignorance is blessing. I have never used Dark Web. In fact came to know about this Web a few days back when one of the channels in my country mentioned it. What I have assessed in last few days is that this Web is an addiction and MUST be totally Avoided. This web is practically a web.

  • The primary reason of deep web or dark web is not to get under the surveillance and to disclose the political or confidential information related to any country or political. It is up to the consumer how they are using this option which includes illegal financial transactions, drug market, dirty sites etc. So, don’t get paranoid with deep/dark web, it exists since beginning of internet and will remain exists.

  • How to Access? this is very disappointment… what you people are trying to do with this type of content? want to have more incidents ? want to have more friends of Devil ?

  • i would like the Admin Amir Atta to remove the Blog, since this evil is not supposed to be promoted,

    • Why is that? You think FIA does not know about it or do you want it to divert its resources to investigate it? Are you an Indian agent? And what is your point in telling the readers here? Just let the FIA take care of it on their own if they want.

  • Well… first of all… this is pathetically written article, which brags about dark web but doesn’t tell anything substantial. Probably written by some primary school dropout…. More and more usage of KEYWORD dark web is just to rank High in the google ranking, which is an unethical way of doing SEO. Furthermore, this Dark web stuff is for criminal and negative purpose only and there should not be any article on the subject on a blog like Propakistani. And if anyone thinks that accessing the Dark web will keep you anonymous from the eyes of the Law Enforcement agencies, then let me tell you that this is the biggest MYTH….. in fact most of the criminals and terrorists caught by Law enforcement agencies were traced because they were using so called Dark WEB…. so my humble advise is to stay away from the stuff before you find yourself in irreversible trouble…

    As for PROPAKISTani…. the blogs standards are getting down every passing day……

  • although i am not a big fan of getting every knowledge because sometime no knowledge is blessing but this article is bad , the whole article is just 2 lines , you can go to dark web using tor browser and its encrypted and the same things repeated 3 times , just a grammar spin.

    what a bad writing

  • wow
    1.Skills r +ve
    2.Endless for ever for everyone (Universal Educational links) .
    3.Some-thing New for Next genn .
    facebook, youtube,instagram,vimo,…..
    iNtNet is Surface>deep>dark (dark dosnt means blak)
    skills r +ve

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