Chicken Meat in Pakistan Contains Harmful Drugs: NA Committee Told

Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council’s Registrar, Dr. Alamdar Hussain Malik has said that farmers in Pakistan have been using antibiotic growth promoter drugs for livestock farming.


According to him, chicken and animal meat containing heavy doses of such drugs and antibiotics are supplied to the market. He advised a National Assembly Standing Committee’s meeting, overseen by MNA Abdul Qahar Khan Wadan, to prevent farmers from continuing this practice.

Highlighting the economic effects, Dr. Alamdar said that the Pakistani livestock export rate is almost zero due to foot and mouth diseases and drug residues in the livestock.

Negligent Farmers

A 5-day period is advisable for the growth promoting drugs to take complete effect after which the drug does not remain in the bodies of the animals but farmers do not take into account this time frame and slaughter the animal before the chicken becomes edible.

Due to this, the drug residues remain in the meat – the meat is supplied to the market in the same state.

Siraj Mohammad Khan, another member, added that the farmers also inject water into the animal’s bodies to increase the weight of the meat.

Punjab Poultry Feed Act

Assuring the assembly, Dr. Abdur Rehman – the Poultry Research Institute Rawalpindi Director – said that the Punjab Poultry Feed Act does not allow such adulteration and negligence, the Act has been imposed strictly and the authorities are closely regulating the meat suppliers.

Adding into his claim, the Director also assured that the farmers do account for the 5-day period and stop injecting the stock with drugs 5-days before supplying it to the customers. According to him, the violators of this Act have been rightfully litigated.


Exports Banned?

An Animal Quarantine Department official told the members that the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) banned the export of livestock around 5 years ago in 2013.

According to him, Pakistan earned hefty revenues from exporting Halal meat to Muslim countries – the country made $214.5 million between 2012 and 2013.

Chinese Livestock Company

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Livestock Department’s Dr. Sher Mohammad said that the KPK government will sign a memorandum of understanding with a livestock company hailing from China.

A Higher Education Commission (HEC) representative added that the education commission is offering several scholarships in both veterinary and agricultural majors.

Concluding the issue, the committee was told that the issue will be resolved in another cabinet meeting.

Via Dawn


  • my cousin is opening poultry farm in sgd. He told me that the water given to chicks contains arsenic

  • wow, they know everything, but still its allowed without any restrictions…
    Good govt. of Pakistan!

    • Pity the nation
      that has to silence its writers
      for speaking their minds… Pity
      the nation that needs to jail
      those who ask for justice while
      communal killers, mass
      murderers, corporate scamsters,
      looters, rapists and those who
      prey on the poorest of the poor,
      roam free

  • formers gave harmonal based feed for rapid growth of chicken in order to lower their productive cost as a result chicken becomes very near to a fatal heart attack now in order to prevent chicken from sure heart attack ,, now farmers give water mixed with arsenic which saves chicken from heart attack,,,,, now as per farmers view chicken is saved from death also with great weight to be marketed but now this chicken becomes in markets as a “BIO BOMB”.
    Every body here will must ask how it is called a “Bio Bomb”.
    it is scientifically proved that arsenic having chicken is consumed by us ,, the arsenic present in meat directly injected in our body ” Acts as boxer in our body it kicks out vitamin D from our body with out which our body became unable to absorb and process the vitamin “C” and calcium as a result pre-mature joint problems, kidney stone problems and premature death due to fatal heart attack are at a very high rate in pakistan.
    more problems and destruction are comes as bonus due to growth increasing medics contained by chicken.

  • All chicken suppliers have something experimental and forbidden in them. ITs the only way to feed ever exploding world population.

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