A Lighter Google Assistant Released for Android Go

Almost every other smartphone user, relies on virtual assistant apps these days but one of the major hindrances between you and a perfect virtual assistant, can be your phone’s limited hardware resources.


Google’s newly developed assistant for Android Go will be work perfectly for entry-level mobile devices, as it won’t bother you much with your phone’s limited storage space or processing capabilities.


Though the lightweight assistant app won’t be able to perform all the duties of the complete version, you can still enjoy features like:

  • Actions
  • Voice commands
  • Reminders
  • Support for smart home devices etc.

Google is trying to increase adoption of Android Go by adding multi-language support, but the current version will only be rolled out with English.

This will help Google build a bigger community for virtual assistant users who can’t afford to buy a flagship smartphone.

Android May Rule Out iOS

As phones get more and more expensive each year, people are keeping their phones for longer than usual. With Apple deliberately slowing phones down citing “battery issues”, Android Go from Google seems like a welcome addition to the market.



Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down Old iPhones

This will not only enable cheaper/disposable smartphones, it will also increase adoption in third world countries, with around 1 billion potential new users.

Users with iPhone 5s or below are currently facing slowdowns and Apple is likely to keep adding the later versions in the list as newer versions keep rolling out.

Via Engadget



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