Smart Device Manufacturer Riversong Launches Its Products in Pakistan

Riversong, a global smart accessories manufacturer with presence in 17 countries, has officially launched an entire range of products in Pakistan.

Riversong is known for making affordable yet high-quality products. The smart accessories manufacturer has entered the Pakistani market seeing growth opportunities and a high penetration rate of Mobile Phones in the country.

At the time of launch, Riversong unveiled affordable Bluetooth wireless earphones, fitness bands, power banks, and other audio accessories. The entire portfolio of these products is available to the users across the country both online as well as offline.


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For the first time in Pakistan, Riversong is offering replacement warranty under which customers can get a new accessory, with no questions asked, if there is a malfunction with their current device.

Ali Yousuf, the COO of Riversong, said,

We have received exceptional feedback in all markets. We believe that Pakistanis are going to love our products. We always strive to provide affordable yet very premium in quality products which makes our offering very unique.

He further added,

Riversong is focused on bringing slick, innovative and people-oriented smart devices into the mainstream. Pakistan is a country with the highest mobile phone penetration in the region and people are migrating to Smartphones quickly. We believe this technology-friendly market holds a lot of potential for high-quality products. We are focused towards bringing a range of state-of-the-art smart devices with an exceptional customer experience. Riversong stands for a technologically equipped and well-connected Pakistan.

Riversong’s presence in Pakistan will provide more options for tech consumers in the region. Pakistani consumers can now get fitness trackers, power banks, wireless earphones and Wi-Fi adapters by Riversong online.

TikTech, the official distributor for Riversong, is making all the products available for the customers across the country. Riversong products are also displayed nationwide at Alfatah, Metro, and Hyperstar shopping centers.

Additionally, Riversong will launch the new range of products in Pakistan as per their international launch schedule.


  • when trying to search with google for “riversong in pakistan” i found links of Daraz, Shoppingbag etc. where they are selling riversong products but yet failed to find any direct website selling in Pakistan ( as mentioned in first paragraph: has officially launched an entire range of products in Pakistan. ) what is the website address?

  • no online store?? and yet they claim “Riversong stands for a technologically equipped and well-connected Pakistan” lol

    • Riversong Products will be available offline/retail from Feb 14 , 2018 , As mentioned in last paragraph under replacement warranty of Tik Tech Pvt Ltd.

      For specialized online platform for Pakistan market is under development , will be launched on March 5th, 2018

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