Buy Jazz Golden Numbers Online

Jazz is set to provide its subscribers a distinct opportunity to buy golden numbers of their choice.

The first of its kind initiative called the Jazz Golden Number Auction‘, will enable users to log on to and place bids for premium numbers.

Bidders can easily enroll themselves through the online portal by punching in their e-mail, name, CNIC number, mobile number and define the method of payment, for which JazzCash services can also be availed.

Umer Afzal, Head of Pricing and Segments for Jazz said:

We are incessantly striving to create new realms that can assist in providing our customers with the premium care they deserve. For fans of Jazz, a golden number has always been a matter of pride, and we hope that through this auction they can grab their desired combination of digits within a few clicks.

An entry fee of PKR 1000 has to be paid for successful registration as a bidder. Once the user has entered the auction, they can choose from a wide array of Jazz Golden Numbers and place their bids with the highest bid entitled to win.


Jazz Launches Super Duper Monthly Offer for Just Rs. 380

The auction status can be checked regularly on the portal and upon winning an auction, the winner will receive a unique surprise Jazz gift box along with the Golden Number SIM card.

Jazz looks to stay ahead of its game to create a distinct portfolio for its subscribers, through the help of similar exclusive products and distinct features.

    • My current mobile number, which I have since 1998, starts with 0300. Although I have since ported it to Zong, I should probably sell it. The going price is between Rs.2 – 2.5 lacs.

  • is quom kay paas itna paisa agaya hai k in jaghon pe kharch karey ( PS: min bid starting from 2.5 lac).. Don’t we think that we will be answerable for where we had spent our moneys?

  • Wow their hosting is slow. Expensive and slow.

    Also they don’t seem to have heard of reserve amounts. An auction can have a reserve amount which is the minimum the seller will sell at. Instead they are bidding on their own auction!

  • Waaay too expensive. I mean 2.5 lac is the lowest price. I think I’ve received these sms alerts of golden numbers in the past and they were only like 5-10k.

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