Tecno Mobile Teases a Bezelless Smartphone for Pakistan

Tecno Mobile, a leading Hong-Kong based company is bringing lots of surprises this year to Pakistan. They are gearing up to launch their new and upcoming product in the days ahead.

According to rumors, Tecno is bringing a smartphone which has a full-screen display (bezelless or 18:9 display) and a 13MP camera. It is expected that the upcoming gadget from the company will set the pace for subsequent product designs in 2018.

Aside from debuting a bezel-less screen and offering users more space for multimedia content, the new Tecno gadget is supposed to improve photography on a smartphone and leave people wondering how such a simple handheld gadget can capture quality images.

Though no details have been leaked detail about the phone’s exact specifications however, one can expect that its camera shouldn’t be less than a 13MP sensor. Considering that the usual camera sensor employed by Tecno for their phones has always been a 13 MP shooter. Unsurprisingly, other features of the camera, including the hardware and design will improve on the previous models as well.

Interestingly, rumor has it that the brand is forecasting the launch of the new device on 8th February, as they have recently started teaser a campaign over digital media as well.

If everything goes as expected; smartphone lovers across Pakistan will soon be holding Tecno’s latest full-screen device in their hands soon.

  • Almost 1 million sets sold every month domestically. when are we going to produce local phone brands for such a lucrative market?

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