RingCaptcha is a Perfect Solution for Verifying Users Through Voice and SMS

User verification is an important first step in your online relationship with your users. By verifying that a new user is who they claim to be, you reduce spam and fraud while also showing your concern for the user’s security.

Email verification has, for years, been the go-to verification step during an online signup process. However, nowadays, it has become all too easy to create a new email address in a matter of minutes.

This issue has given rise to phone number verification during the signup process – i.e. receiving a PIN code via SMS or voice call and being asked to enter this PIN on the signup form.

This form of verification is much more effective in keeping your online community as spam and fraud-free as possible, as it’s a lot more troublesome to get another phone number than it is to get another email address.

Phone verification also ensures that your users can be contacted timely through SMS or voice, which is crucial to ensure high customer satisfaction, and timely communication; this is especially critical for companies operating in industries such as ecommerce, marketplace, sharing economy, and micro-financing to name a few.

RingCaptcha is a leading SMS and voice verification provider, counting a number of ‘unicorn’ companies among its customer base. The company allows its customers to verify their users’ phone numbers whether this is when signing up, logging in, conducting high-value transactions, resetting passwords etc.


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Services Offered by RingCaptcha

Aside from phone number verification, RingCaptcha provides several other services as well:

  • SMS & Voice verification
  • Direct SMS for notifications and marketing
  • Customized fraud analytics and monitoring on SMS verification traffic

RingCaptcha’s SMS & Voice offering can be easily implemented by using their widget (requires almost no coding) or REST API.

What Makes RingCaptcha Different

There are a number of companies in the identity and verification space, but RingCaptcha realizes that no one company provides the best deliverability and conversion rates in every country. That’s why it is integrated with over 10 different providers, both local and international, ensuring that it provides the best possible service in every country.

RingCaptcha provides an analytics and monitoring dashboard that lets you view your deliverability and conversion rates, verification latency, traffic volume by country, and more. The company also provides custom analytics and fraud monitoring for high-volume customers.

Already have an SMS and voice verification provider, but still interested in having fraud monitoring and custom alerts? That’s not a problem, RingCaptcha can sit as a layer above your current provider and alert you when we see suspicious traffic and patterns.

Are you considering implementing phone number verification? Or trying to decide if it’s the right option for your website or application? Contact RingCaptcha here to find out if phone number verification is the correct solution for you.

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