Zong Added the Highest Number of Consumers in 2017

Amongst all the network service providers in Pakistna, Zong 4G added the highest number of customers in 2017.

The company claims to be the first choice for Pakistani Mobile users by offering the best, reliable and most affordable state-of-the-art 4G service.

With over 70% of the 4G market share, the company continues to remain, “No. 1 Data Company” thanks to affordable rates and the fastest internet speeds.

In a statement issued by the Zong 4G, it said that it managed more than half of all data traffic of Pakistan in 2017.

A focus on customer centricity accompanied by the immense financial and technological prowess of its parent company, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), is the core element to sustain Zong 4G’s edge in the industry.

Zong managed more than half of all data traffic of Pakistan in 2017

Zong 4G, the subsidiary company of CMCC, not only aims to deliver best customer experience but also adheres to strengthen the Pakistani Telecom market by investing in its network operations.


Zong Launches 4G Powered Smart Car Solution

The company’s investment of another $200M in 2017 has expanded the company’s 4G footprint to more than 300 cities across Pakistan, paving the way to making 100% of its network 4G enabled; adding the total number of 4G sites to over 10,000, making it the fastest growing 4G network in the country.

Enriching the customer experience, Zong 4G is facilitating customers by innovatively integrating technology and human interaction through e-care platforms. Zong’s 21 new tech-savyy Customer Service Centers in four provinces of Pakistan have been specifically designed to allow its customers to take full advantage of the company’s entire range of Digital Solutions.

Through its reliable, fast and affordable 4G services, Zong 4G has once again set the benchmark for the level of digitization in the country.

    • Ab Khamba nahi lagh sakta.
      Hmary area me bhi zong ka khamba nahi ha boht door sy zong 4G ka ak signal ata ha us sy guzara karty ha ak signal 2mb tak speed da hi data ha…

  • Zong 4G data meter runs very fast. You consume just 1GB and zong measures it as 7 GB. Any reliable ISP in Lahore?

  • ZONG offers free sims to customers. This is how they claim to add maximum number of consumers. In fact most of the activated sims are thrown in scrap as these are issued against the requirement of a customers just to show the number.

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