Karachi is Experiencing a Strange Fog & Here’s What They Are Saying About It

Karachi woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning, with a dense fog engulfing the metropolis.

True to form, many Karachiites are excited over this unexpected visitor. Some of them are happy to enjoy and experience the company of a fog.

As per eyewitnesses in the city, the fog seemed pretty intense during the morning. According to reports, flights are being canceled and diverted to other airports on account of poor visibility due to this fog.

The current weather forecast is 24°C. The forecast also states foggy conditions with low visibly of 160m and 71% of humidity. Night is expected to be clear with a low of 17°C.


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People captured some great images and videos of Karachi during this fog, with many of them sharing their experiences on social media. Here is how people reacted over this anomaly:








Did you witness this beautiful natural phenomenon in Karachi as you woke up to school or work today? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Featured Image Credits – Hasham Aleem

  • climate change ….depleting ozone layer…..melting ice caps …..destruction of trees and greenery ……industrialization drive ….booming population ….

      • No scientific study supporting the fact that its repairing itself. If you find one please send me a link .

        • I just google “Ozone repairing” and the result is filled with all “scientific studies” you can read about Ozone healing…
          Can’t post the links, since its not allowed in ProPakistani.

          • The question isn’t if it’s repairing itself. The question is whether it can repair itself faster than we keep damaging it. Which it cannot, which is why we need to dial down on the environmental factors we can control.

            Ozone layer is just one aspect of global warming anyway. Even if it repairs itself fully, global warming won’t just magically fade away the next day.

            • So what we are supposed to do here. We see all the garbage, those blocked sewerage and tonnes of trash all around Karachi. This city is dying..

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