These Unique Animals from Pakistan are On the Brink of Extinction

Over 90 species of animals and birds are on the brink of extinction in Pakistan. This fact came to light as a result of an extinction study conducted by the Ministry of Climate Change.

Species in Pakistan were categorized as following based on their risk of extinction;

  • Critically Endangered
  • Endangered
  • Vulnerable
  • Close to the threat of extinction

According to the study, following face the threat of extinction;

  • 50 mammals,
  • 27 birds
  • 17 reptiles.


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These are the critically endangered species;

  • Siberian crane,
  • The white-rumped vulture,
  • The long-billed vulture,
  • The red-headed vulture
  • The hawksbill turtle


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Following are included in the endangered category;

  • The Kashmir grey langur,
  • Indus blind dolphin,
  • Finback whale,
  • Balochistan bear,
  • Musk deer,
  • Hog deer,
  • Indian pangolin,
  • Egyptian vulture,
  • Green turtle
  • Indian narrow-headed turtle

International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) has also categorized the endangered species in Pakistan. According to them following species are placed in the ‘vulnerable’ category;

  • the common leopard,
  • snow leopard,
  • Ladakh urial,
  • greater spotted eagle,
  • fish eagle,
  • houbara bustard,
  • crowned river turtle,
  • Indian soft-shell turtle and several other mammals and reptiles

Snow leopard is found in only 12 countries including Pakistan. The ministry says that its status has improved as it is now listed in ‘vulnerable’ category instead of endangered.

The ministry told the parliamentary committee that measures were being taken to prevent the animals from going extinct. The committee was further informed by the ministry that these species were protected by provincial and territorial wildlife laws.

As per the ministry, these laws have helped control the illegal hunting of the national animal of Pakistan ‘Markhor’. Hunters pay large sums of money to get shooting license for hunting the animal. 80% of this money goes to local hunting which works to prevent the illegal hunting of Markhor, the ministry said.

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  • That White tiger was already known to be extincted, but in last few year one BBC photographer captured the picture of few white tigers, and so we know, they’re not. so its a very good opportunity to take care of them as well as all the other relative animals.

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