20 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Margalla Hills This Year

Margalla Hills, famous for their tranquil environment and lush-green natural splendor, are a particular source of pride for Islamabadis, many of whom make it a weekly ritual to scale the various trails to Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa.

Are you thinking of visiting the exquisite Margalla Hills? We give you 20 reasons why it absolutely needs to be in your plans this year:

  1. One often gets to see fitness aficionados (even celebrities) at the Trail 2 cycling track of the Margalla hills. You might need to bring your mountain bike for this one.

Haroon cycling

2. The Margalla Hills are home to beautiful water streams, especially in the monsoon months.

Water stream in the Margalla Hills

3. Don’t worry if you come across a congress of local monkeys on your way to the top. They are quite friendly and don’t normally show up on busy days.

Monkey at Margalla Hills

4. The flora and fauna of the Margalla region are unique and one often gets to see beautiful chirping birds on the different trails.


Picture Credits – Danish Mumtaz

5. If you haven’t been to these hills before, this is how the tracks normally look like:

Margalla Trails

6. Just after a 10 minutes hike from the parking spot of Trail 3, you’ll come across this steep-looking ‘Fire Lane’ track.


CDA Working to Restore Margalla Hills National Park to Former Glory

You can have a clear view of the city at intervals while you hike through this track.

Margalla Hike Track

Picture Credits – Qadeer Ahmad Janjua

7. How can you not end up falling in love with these green tunnels during your hike through the trees of Margalla?

Trail 5

8. Once you hike up to the top, a mesmerizing view of the city lights is waiting for you. What better time than the sunset hours to be here?

Beautiful Sunset Islamabad View from Margalla Top

9. Even if you take the Pir Sohawa road to the top, you’ll still have plenty of places to stop and click some amazing photos.

kahwa at Margalla top

10. Who knows if you bump into Lala during your routine Sunday hike?

Shahid Afridi on margalla trail

11. You’ll get to know how lucky you are to be here. This view basically sums it up.

7th Avenue view from Damn e Koh

12. If you lose your motivation on your hike to the top, remember this view in your mind.

Hike Motivation Margalla Hills

13. CDA has installed milestones and direction guiding boards on regular intervals throughout the tracks, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the best spots:

Sign Board Water Spring

14. This seems like a nice touch.

Foot steps

15. You can also take care of your food cravings at the famous Monal Restaurant once you are at the top of the Margalla Hills.

Monal Restaurant Side View

16. Yes, the Margalla Hills can also be your perfect weekend picnic spot. Great for those BBQs!

BBQ at Hills

17. Margalla isn’t all about the Pir Sohawa track. Do visit Shah Allah Ditta caves in the D-12 Sector this time for a change.

Shah Allah Ditta

18. Some spooky-looking caves are waiting for you, situated in the D-12 sector of the federal capital. Some say these caves are 700 years old!

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

19. Whichever track you choose, these lush green vegetations will follow you!


20. You can even do your bit for the environment. Take a team of volunteers with you for a short cleanup campaign.

Clean Margalla

For this summer, why not go on a hiking trip on the Margalla Hills? Just remember to keep yourself hydrated if you are going to the top and avoid going on extremely hot summer days. And enjoy!

  • i live in islamabad and haven’t had a go at margalla hills. But this article will force me to do so.

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