Now Supports Express Withdrawals to Pakistani Bank Accounts

One of the most popular freelancing platforms online,, now allows you to transfer funds from your online account to your bank in Pakistan. has enabled support for Express Withdrawals to Pakistan. This means that funds from your Freelancer account can be directly transferred to your registered Pakistani bank account.

In fact, there are no local bank transfer charges involved, making this feature a godsend for Pakistani freelancers who are already using to complete their projects.


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From the Freelancer FAQ:

Express Withdrawals allow users to transfer funds directly from their accounts to their bank accounts. It is the fastest and easiest way to transfer the funds you earned from directly to your bank account.

List of Supported Countries

Freelancer’s Express Withdrawals are currently available in the following countries. By using this feature, users can withdraw from their bank accounts their local currencies:

  •  Argentina (ARS)
  •  Australia (AUD)
  •  Bangladesh (BDT)
  •  Canada (CAD)
  •  China (CNY)
  •  India (INR)
  •  New Zealand (NZD)
  •  Pakistan (PKR)
  •  Philippines (PHP)
  •  Poland (PLN)
  •  Romania (RON)
  •  United States of America (USD)
  •  Vietnam (VND)


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Freelancer says it’s working on adding more countries to this list. But for now, Pakistani users can look forward to a new level of convenience when it comes to easily withdrawing their hard-earned money without having to jump through any hoops or workarounds.

For more information, check out this link.

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  • This is gonna be Biggest news for Freelancers in Pakistan as News of year 2018 ;) until PayPal takes his space again in Pakistan Wallets.

  • Rate is $1 = 105 pkr whereas in Payoneer Bank Withdrawal you get 108.5 pkr so Payoneer rate is better than this.

    • We only waited 12 years :) A little more than a decade. But I am sure younger kids would love it.

  • This is very good indeed but now we are on 4th position in online freelance business but till yet we don’t have Paypal :(

  • I used the platform after 12 years and it was a nice surprise when they suggested this feature while I tried to withdraw some money that was there for years and I never got a chance to withdraw it. I still haven’t used it but even then, it’s a great news. Good reporting Samir Yawar.

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