Singing Prodigy Arshman Naeem’s Greatest Hits Are Going Viral Over YouTube

How important is having some music in our lives? Depending on who you ask, there’s no one definite answer to this question.

Some people could say that If it wasn’t for music, we’d all be more or less like those zombies from The Walking Dead. It makes us feel alive.

Music they say, speak to us in a way, words don’t. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why a 12-year-old kid from Okara, Arshman Naeem, has captured our imaginations ever since a video of him singing went viral over social media a couple of weeks ago. Almost all local media channels have already featured him.

Who is this young wonder? And why has he become the talk of the town these days?

Arshman Naeem – Musical Super Star in the Making

Arshman hails from Okara, Punjab. A student of class 6, he says that he learned what he could about singing from his father and brother, both of whom used to recite naats in the young boy’s presence.

It all started with this clip, with Arshman covering Atif Aslam’s ‘Dil Diyaan Gallan’:

Even with the lack of formal classical music training, Arshman’s talent definitely shows in this clip. You can certainly make an educated guess about how he hums and strings those vocals together, that’s his ability to croon is in his genes.

Turns out that Atif Aslam was so impressed by the little boy’s soulful rendition of his song, that he has asked Arshman to collaborate with him on an upcoming song in the future!

A YouTube channel ‘Arshman Naeem’ that features his musical covers, has ratcheted up as many as 1,355,217 views since February 13. It currently has 23,738 subscribers. His cousin Nadia Umer has contributed to his rising star power, by managing his social media presence over a variety of platforms.

Atif Aslam’s tune was one thing. Here we have Arshman taking on the crowd-pleasing tune ‘Afreen Afreen’ by legendary music maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:

Of course, Arshman also tries his hand at a classic and timeless patriotic anthem as well:

One of the most popular tunes sung by him (with 257k views and counting) happens to be this one:

This one deserves a listen too:

This one certainly makes you wonder, where could we be without such talent:

Future Plans

The little singing prodigy was asked by many if he was hoping to pursue a career in music in the future? ‘I’d like to become a doctor,’ was his response.

That answer may have left his fans dismayed, but Arshman definitely added by saying that he’s not leaving music altogether. Guess Arshman is definitely mature for his age and has his priorities in order.

A cursory glance at the comments on the ‘Arshman Naeem’ YouTube channel points to one thing – people from all across the world are definitely itching to hear more from this young soul from Okara, and we definitely hope this is just the beginning of something great for the young star in the making.

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