Careem Captain Abuses Passenger Over Smoking in Car [Video]

A video of a Careem Captain and a passenger involved in a heated brawl has gone viral over social media. The video shows the Careem driver hurling abuses at the passenger for bringing a lit cigarette inside his car.

Things escalated quickly after the passenger allegedly threw the cigarette onto the car’s floor mat. The passenger tried to explain that it was a mistake as he didn’t intend to do it. However, the driver didn’t seem convinced at all and continued to vent his frustration by verbally abusing the passenger.

The passenger, in between all this, tried to explain his stance but seemed hesitant as soon as he realized that he was being filmed.

The Video

The Careem Captain, at the center of the controversy, recorded two videos as “proof” of the whole incident. In the first one, the passenger can be seen sitting on the seat alongside the driver and exchanging words.

The driver starts the conversation by saying;

Who do you think you are? How dare you throw a cigarette in my car. [Using vulgar language] Is this your father’s car? How dare you get inside.

The driver didn’t seem to stop here. He continued by saying “I put air conditioning in this car for you; do you even have a fan at home?”

He then motioned the passenger to apologize for bringing a cigarette to his car. The passenger told the captain that he is a lawyer. Nonetheless, the driver paid no heed and continued to give his passenger a piece of his mind.


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After hearing too much of it, the passenger decided to take out his phone and call someone. On this, the captain became furious and threatened to call his friends/accomplices by sending his live location.

The driver then ends the first video saying;

This is the kind of customers Careem has and then there are people who complain and get our (Captains) IDs blocked.

The rattled passenger, while using his phone, finally decided to leave the car. The passenger, who was silent for most of the part, decided to have a say as well. The recording stops when the passenger gets out of the car.

In the second video, the captain shows the alleged damage caused to his car by the passenger. To be clear, the video doesn’t show the passenger himself damaging the car.

However, the driver says that he has proof of the passenger doing so. He shows his car’s side mirror which has been removed. He also shows the broken rear window of his car.

You can watch the video here [Strong viewer discretion advised]:

You can watch the complete video with the second part of the video here.

Careem’s Response

Careem has released a statement regarding the whole incident. The ride-hailing service said;

Careem is looking into the case from all sides and [is] in touch with relevant parties. We hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

The spat between passengers and drivers of ride-hailing services is nothing new. Recently, a Careem captain was attacked by passengers who allegedly stole his belongings including some cash at gunpoint.

What is your say on all this? Who was at fault here? 

  • Such a moron with a foul mouth. Probably he owned a car for the first time in his life. Careem should definitely block, not just ID but the Car as well.

    • If I ever travel on Careem in Pakistan will he say the same to me ? “Ghar mai Pankha hai” “Gari mai bethay ho kabhi” ? *Wondering*

      I will die with embarrassment after such encounter with such a driver… though AC is part of life here and I drive two quite expensive cars :(

      Will I survive blaming driver’s own status/mindset/class etc. ? *Wondering*

  • Total ignorance and lack of training on behalf of driver, Even if Careem had a law protecting their employees, he just did all wrong with his abusive language and lacking evidence of the act of passenger. He might have been fired and may not get a job again in any such service.

  • The driver was filming his crap only, we did not see any cigarette in the movie, nor the customer breaking the side mirror or the back window was filmed. Serves the driver well for his crap.

  • Both of these were wrong. No smoking in car should be allowed and driver should be polite with passengers as well..need literacy level along with ethics..

  • The problem is both customer and driver could be wrong in such cases. First customers get cheaper conveyance and on top of that after sitting in car they think they own that car because they are paying fare. Some idiots will demand driver to put music on loud volume plus they would smoke too like they pay salary to driver to drive their cars.

    On the other hand drivers think that they are doing ehsaan on people giving them cheaper ride. Sometimes they would get angry on minor issues with customers.

  • Haha, this driver it seems is fed up with Careem. I saw a video of his a few days ago where he was protesting against Careem at their office. There, too, he mentioned that people who don’t have a fan at their homes demand air conditioning. I would say that the driver himself has anger issues (he was rude to the Careem management as well in the protest video). Whatever the customer did may be wrong, but the reaction by the driver is highly unprofessional.

  • Careem driver did justice with this A**hole . Passenger should always ask before lighting a cigarette

    • CAREEM should ban such unethical customers for lifetime….UBER is much better where both Partner and customer have equal rights.

  • galti 2no ki ha Careem captain ko tamiz ni ha bat karny ki 14 lakh k gari lay k aukat bhool jaty hain apni sory karo q kary app Jugde lagay whay ho idr

  • OMG, I just can’t even bear his attitude while watching the video and how the passenger had gone through this ugly bitter attitude of the so called driver? The driver was actually showing his third-class mentality, and honestly we can through this type of mentality almost everywhere in the society. Plz appoint minimum Masters Degree Holders drivers.

  • I’m extremely ashamed of being a Pakistani where people always support rich and there’s no law to protect poor people. The rider gave an excuse to driver to be abusive by abusing his car and upsetting him. I am extremely surprised that people are so unfair by saying that driver should be punished although the rider deserved to be punished and banned for any further rides on Careem. I hope and wish Careem set an example by punishment of such a unethical rider and ban him permanently for booking any more journeys with Careem.

  • Just curious, you fuzz out the face of the customer but not the driver? That’s not impartial is it?

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