Here’s What Happens When You Scratch, Burn and Bend a Galaxy S9

As is customary with all new smartphone releases, the new Galaxy S9 is the latest phone to get the crash and burn treatment, to see how it holds up against the competition in terms of durability.

The new phone was subjected to a scratch, bend, burn and drop test by the YouTuber JerryRigEverything. Potential buyers will be happy to know that the phone is among the more sturdy ones, despite the glass build.

The phone is still susceptible to drops and to tackle that you’ll likely need a case, which most people buy anyway.

Some aspects of the phone, such as the fingerprint scanner and the coating of paint on the frame, are also vulnerable to scratches, however, the cameras are still quite durable in this respect.


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The fingerprint scanner also works after being scratched, which adds to the S9’s reliability. The phone was only scratched by a pick of Moh level 6 (hardness scale).

Bend and Burn Test

The aluminum frame means the phone is nearly impossible to bend by hand, despite the varying degrees of impact and pressure, so you won’t have to worry about the phone bending in your pocket unlike the iPhone 6.

The phone will also be able to take fire damage, which is something Samsung seems to have taken to heart. The OLED screen, quite remarkably, can recover from some of the fire damage. The pixels only started to disappear during this test after 12 seconds.

Balanced Build

Overall, Samsung seems to have found a good balance between style and substance with the new Galaxy flagship. It’s good to see that the emphasis on delicate, premium build materials doesn’t necessarily mean a weak phone, at least in Samsung’s case.

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