One-Legged Afridi Wants to Become a Fast Bowler Like Shoaib Akhtar

While many become dependent on others due to their disabilities, this young Pakistani is living his dream despite having one leg.

It is very hard to imagine how tough it is to have to work your way through life with a single leg, but 23-year-old Syed Sher Ali Afridi, inspired by Shoaib Akhtar, went on to become a fast bowler.

“He is my inspiration. He is my hero. I loved to watch him run in and bowl at such an incredible pace,” Afridi proclaims.

Having lost his leg at an age of 2 when his family’s mud-house collapsed due to rains in Peshawar, Afridi didn’t give up and is now the spearhead of the Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team’s pace attack.

Sher Afridi takes a wicket

The handicapped youngster has never considered himself to be disadvantaged, saying:

I groomed myself in such a way since my childhood that I never felt that I’m disabled. I always give my best and rest I leave to God. I went to high school, played cricket with boys in the neighbourhood and helped my family at home like normal people do.

While everyone in disabled cricket is special in his own way, Afridi has an inspiring story as well. Having never thought about playing professional cricket, the 189 cm tall fast bowler only started playing the game seriously six years ago; he was a passionate cricket lover and loved playing cricket from early childhood.

After passing the trials conducted by Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association in 2012, Afridi started playing for Peshawar.


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Constant hard work and nerves of steel ensured that he went on to represent his country three years later.

Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team

Having played his debut match in Dubai against England, Afridi aims to make his countrymen proud.

“I’m hopeful that one day I will become the best bowler in the world and will make my fellow Pakistanis feel proud”.

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