Power Companies Ordered to Replace Defective Meters Within a Week

Minister for Power Division, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, has issued directions to assess the performance of DISCOs and its CEOs on the basis of their success in bridging the gap in sold and billed units and adopting a strategy to eliminate the mismatch in tariff.

The directions were issued yesterday, in wake of the performance review meeting. The Federal Minister further directed the CEOs of all DISCOs to file quarterly tariff adjustment petitions within one month (during March) with NEPRA and pursue the same for better financial management of the Distribution Companies as corporate entities.

This will also help in reducing the gap in billed and recovered amounts by the DISCOs. The CEOs have also been ordered to ensure replacement of a defective meter within 7 days after it is has been declared defective. The backlog of defective meters in respective DISCOs is to be cleared by March 31st 2018 as well.


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The Federal Minister for Power Division, while taking strong exception to the continuous delays and frequent stock depletion of essential material, has directed all the Chairmen of the BODs to make proper procurement plan for the next financial year and get it approved by 15th April 2018. It was further directed that a list of problematic items of procurement be prepared and PEPCO has been asked to notify a working group to design a central procurement system to avoid quality and delay issues.

The Federal Minister for Power Division stated that 1,53,914 ripe connection cases have to be cleared by 31st March 2018 and new online application system has to be implemented by 15th March 2018. After 15th March, no application should be entertained using the previous manual system.


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The Federal Minister directed CEO SEPCO to install AMR meters on all government connections by 31st March 2018. The estimate for installing AMR on all connections of Govt. of Sindh has to be submitted for further approvals.

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